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for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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World Council of Religious Leaders

Post by fluffy bunny » 14 May 2008

So, who reads the small print?

The BKWSU says that Janki Kripalani has "promoted inter-religious understanding and co-operation throughout her life, is a Patron of the World Congress of Faiths and a member of The World Council of Religious Leaders".

Around 2000, Janki was head of Brahma Kumaris’ delegation and presenter at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, New York along with Jayanti Kirpalani, Brij Mohan Anand and others.

At the summit was the signing of the Commitment to Global Peace
6. To promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations, eradicating poverty and reversing the current trend toward a widening gap between rich and poor;

7. To educate our communities about the urgent need to care for the earth's ecological systems and all forms of life and to support efforts to make environmental protection and restoration integral to all development planning and activity;

9. To join with the United Nations in the call for all nation states to work for the universal abolition of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction for the safety and security of life on this planet;
Given the BKWSU's internal position regarding Destruction, did they just, "Om Shanti ... Remember Baba" and sign it anyway!?! Or does the funding to help support one climbing the slippery pole of power and influence preclude any sense of ... (you file in the missing dots before I get myself a reputation).

Om Shanti, a greeting of peace.

Let us spend a moment in deep silence, in the remembrance of the loving Supreme Soul. I feel that the loving Supreme Soul, who is called out to as Allah, God and in many other ways, is in each one’s heart.

Seeing this invocation to God at the United Nations today, I feel that our loving Mother and Father, yours and mine, the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness, is listening to the voice of everyone’s heart. When we bring our hands together and say ‘Namaste’, it is a sign of remembering God. With humility and a true heart, all of us religious and spiritual leaders, can go beyond caste and colour and use the Power of Truth to destroy sorrow and peacelessness in the world.

Our loving Supreme Father has this hope for us that if we humans adopt the Power of Truth, it would not be difficult to create a peaceful world. Being in the atmosphere of this gathering today, I do not think I have been able to forget the Supreme Father for even a second – He is here, He is watching and He is listening to the voice of everyone’s heart.
O Lord, with your power, the power of you, Almighty Father, we will personally make this promise to spread peace in the world with tolerance and non-violence. Even though I am speaking in Hindi, I know you understand my feelings.

After you hear the brief translation in English, I would like all of us to be together in complete silence, in the remembrance of our Supreme Father, so that the silence emerging from within our hearts in this gathering, reaches the entire world.
More position papers are here; including the "METHODS FOR STRENGTHENING PUBLIC CONFIDENCE" delivered just as the BKWSO started legal action to censor and punish this website which included sections on; "Behave responsibly ... Tell the truth ... Remain open to different ideas ... Reconcile legitimate priorities with moral dimensions ... Wield power with compassion ... Listen carefully ... See the legitimacy of the other ... and Create trusting relationships". Quote unquote.

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