Baba and the Drama

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Baba and the Drama

Post by celtiggyan » 19 Dec 2006

Another ex-BK asked a great question here - one which I often ponder myself, namely;

If Shiva only plays a part of 100 years how does he know what happens in the drama?

He only comes for 100 odd years and even then he comes only like a ship in the night. He never takes a body, so how would he know of the rest of the drama other than through Brahma? With this in mind then surely we are back to the old chestnut of the education of the medium/messenger - if Shiva uses Brahma's brain/experiences then how would he know of anything other than 100 years?


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Re: Baba and the Drama

Post by fluffy bunny » 19 Dec 2006

celtiggyan wrote:He only comes for 100 odd years and even then he comes only like a ship in the night. He never takes a body, so how would he know of the rest of the drama other than through Brahma?
Or anything other than Lekhraj Kirpalani's past life experiences at a push?

Do you remember the "Mickey Mouse" Murli quote? Now, many cynical ex-BKs would argue that a lot of the BKWSU's Murlis have become completely Mickey Mouse but there was one at least in which Bap-Dada specifically mentioned Mickey Mouse. May be it was just Lekhraj Kirpalani speaking and he had watched a Mickey Mouse movie. I wondered how much Walt Disney had to pay for "product placement" advert in God's own Yagya? [... joke]

I am afraid, that without honest and authorative BK input here my speculative powers just die at this point. To be honest, in all of my time with the BKs sitting in front of the Saris, I never came up against what I would call an "honest and authorative BK position" on these sort of questions. It was always just the "Baba-baba-baba line ... don't think too much ... don't question too deeply " ... accept the infantile. One could say;
  • • Shiva belongs from a realm outside of our dimension and can read it all,
    • Shiva has psychic powers and can "soul scan" anyone [if worldly Gurus and psychics have such powers why would the "Father" not?],
    • Shiva can read the Akashic Records and so on.
I think you can see why quickly BKs give up on the mystical and just get down to the business of turning it into Bhakti or a New Age/executive training business. In my experience, the authority of the Seniors I spoke to just evaporates at this point and they return to their powerful anchor of infantile infatuation with BB. Baba-baba-baba ...

The fact is ... although the experiential element of Raja Yoga can be intense, the knowledge is, in my unhumble opinion, not actually that deep and has not been either documented, taught or well structured by its human caretakers. Once you get over the first six months struggle of learning all the new words and putting into place all the new concepts ... that is it.

You hang on in the hope that more will come but it does not. You enjoy the speculative chats with a few free thinking BKs. A few enjoy the illicit romance of reading non-BK philosophers and other "Bhakti" authors and putting their work into a BK or service context ... that is all. No knowledge, just business.

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