Murli points for churning and inculcation

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Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu »

In this topic, I would be posting Sakar Murli and Avyakt Vani points that would work as an eye opener for those who give proper value to Sakar Murlis and Avyakt Vanis, and are true children of ShivBaba.
These Versions narrated by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba contain deep and hidden meanings, which cannot be understood easily on a superficial level. However if one studies them carefully, new aspects would emerge. So, we should not be guided merely by pre-established opinions of others or any particular group. Use your own intellect and judge for yourself what is the real truth contained within these Versions.


Comment by SAT:

This topic has been shifted from the PBK sub-forum here. This would now afford others, who may not visit the PBK sub-forum, to take congnizance of PBK viewpoint, and be INTERACTIVE.

Such interaction will NOT TAKE PLACE in this topic henceforth, since this topic will ONLY contain relevant Murli points WITHOUT any comments by any member of any group. Any interaction related to these Murli points in this topic is to be carried out in the topic,
=VIEWS on "Murli points for churning and inculcation"=, in this same sub-forum.

These Versions can still be used by any member in any other suitable sub-forum, by themselves, to present their own views. However, due caution should still be exercised, while using these points, since some typographical and transmission errors could have inadvertently crept in some Versions, rendering their meaning different from the original.

The efforts of members of AIVV in compiling these Versions under different headings, and the efforts of Abhimanyu in duly presenting them on the forum, are very much appreciated.

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Re: Murli Points

Post by Abhimanyu »

When will the Mega destruction take place?

When the destruction will take place, then the race will end. Now the purusharth (effort) is going on. [17.1.74. P3]

Your exam will take place when your entire kingdom is established. Then the remaining people will perish. [13.2.75 P1]

The magnitude (horror) of Mahabharata destruction

Just as the five elements of nature assume terrible form, the five vices will also assume their powerful form and make the final assault in a subtle form to take trial, i.e. both Maya and nature will play the final dice with full force. Just as the last scene in a practical war also is one which creates weakness (in some) as well as increases courage (in some). Similarly the last scene (of destruction) will be one that will cause enthusiasm in the minds of weak souls also. It will be a scene that will instil courage and delight in the minds of Master Almighty souls.

When the exact copies of Father Brahma are ready, then the unlimited explosives will explode, the crackers will burst and the coronation will take place. So now fix this date. This date will come only when you all become the exact photocopy of Father Brahma. [Av. 24.10.81 P76]
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Re: Murli Points

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• When you are in remembrance and if anyone comes before you with an ill intention, he will have a dangerous vision and he will immediately run away. (26.2.76, pg.2)

• You become the masters of the world through the power of Yoga. Nobody can become the masters of the world through the physical power. (21.8.73, night class)

• You just remember me. Then I guarantee that you will be liberated from all the sins. (6.5.78, pg.4)

• Arey! If you remain in remembrance then the pain will also get reduced. When there is no Yoga (remembrance) then how can someone be relieved of the disease? Mother and Father, who become pure, later become the most sinful. They have to experience the greatest sufferings. But because of being in remembrance the disease goes away slowly. Otherwise he should experience the maximum sufferings and he should fall sick more than others because he is the most sinful. But Yoga causes liberation from sorrows. (21.11.73, pg.2)

• The more someone remembers Father the more they gallop. They will become the beads of the Rudra mala (rosary of Rudra or Shiva). Then they will become the beads of the rosary of Vishnu. (3.6.72, pg.2)

• Only those who learn RajYoga will come to the land of prosperity (sukhdham). Remaining souls will clear their karmic accounts and return to the Soul World (shantidhaam or the world of eternal peace).
(15.7.72, pg.2)

• When the last period begins you will come and stay here. Only those who are matured (pakka) yogis will be able to stay here. Bhogis (those who enjoy worldly pleasures) will listen to a little knowledge and get destroyed (i.e. they will not be able to continue in the path of knowledge for a longer time).
(4.11.78, pg.2)

• When there is no power of Yoga then the desires arise. We want this, we want that. This is not called happiness. There is no nutrition like happiness. The princes should be very happy. (7.8.70, pg 3)

• If you have the power of Yoga, if you keep remembering ShivBaba then nobody can slap you, etc. The power of Yoga is a shield. Nobody can do anything. If anyone suffers an injury then surely they are in body consciousness. (8.2.69, pg.2)

• Power of Yoga will only drive away the ghosts. .... The power of Yoga is very weak. They keep observing the world throughout the day. They have a lot of interest in traveling. It is the ghosts who are interested in traveling and groping in the dark. There is only one way to drive away the ghosts. All the ghosts will run away if one is in the remembrance of Father. (15.5.69, pg.3)

• Here you have to control your organs through the power of Yoga. Then the monthly discharge etc. will also stop. There will not be any disease there (i.e. in the heaven). This waste is only in the kingdom of Ravan (or Ravan Rajya). (14.12.68, pg.4)

• The world of Ravan has to be destroyed through the power of Yoga. (13.4.73, pg.6)

• The age of those who practice Yoga will increase here also. The more the age the more inheritance they will continue to receive from the Father till the end. You have to improve the health also through Yoga. (13.2.73, 9.2.78, pg.1)

• Now the form of remembrance is ordinary. That’s why if you get controlled by the circumstances at any time then you will get cheated. If you remain in the brick kiln of powerful remembrance then you will be safe. Get detached from the burdens of service also. (AV.21.11.84, pg.24)

• One should achieve some objective through Yoga, i.e. the power of remembrance. Whatever thought they create will be powerful and if any problem is going to come, they will experience beforehand through the power of Yoga that this is going to happen. So because of knowing (about the problem) beforehand they will not be defeated. Similarly, through the power of Yoga the burden of one’s past resolves also ends. (AV.2.8.73, pg.149)

• The more you become yogi, the more your organs will become calm. The organs become mischievous only due to body consciousness. (6.8.76,pg.3)

• The enemy of Sex-Lust is such that, if you are not doing Yoga (remembrance of God), then the organs will certainly become mischievous on seeing anyone. One must test oneself. ....
By being in Yoga, one is relieved of all the diseases. .... So one must check oneself, whether I get discharged. If so, then the Yoga is less. The stage should be very strong. All the diseases stop with the power of Yoga. Lot of hard work is required in this. (3.2.76, pg.2)

• The organs also come under one’s control through the power of Yoga. You purify the whole world through the power of Yoga. You are very few. You destroy this whole tree and establish the golden tree.
(918.2.75, pg.3)

• The one who is yogi will not get entangled in body consciousness. Impure thoughts will not arise in his mind. If someone is weak in remembrance then the cyclones may come. The organs come under one’s complete control through the power of Yoga. (25.3.75, pg.2)

• You are becoming the beads of ShivBaba’s rosary number wise. The more you meditate, the nearer you will be (to the Father and mother) and become the rosary of Rudra. (19.3.78, pg.3)
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Re: Murli Points

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• When some children fall in love, they plan among themselves to tie the knot under
Gandharva (It’s one of the eight types of marriages under Hindu law, in which a man and a
woman get married secretly without the consent of their elders) marriage. The boy says “I
shall save you, free you from the bondages”. Liar. How can you save? Firstly, are you safe
from Maaya? Did you seek Baba’s advice? You haven’t taken Shrimat (highest advice) and
talk of engagement among yourselves. Then O corpse! Maaya will drag you (to hell). You
develop subtle bondages and talk like this. Baba understands (thinks) that he is going to hell.
Engagement is arranged by mother and Father, or do children get engaged secretly? (9-10-72)

• Sinful souls indulge in sinful activities. Even if Gandharva marriage is performed, your mind
will be diverted. Why take such a step? In the end, one should not remember anyone but the
Father. Only then you can get the Scholarship, or become the master of the world. (2-7-70)

• If someone says that he’s getting married, he’s proceeding on a demoniac path. Father takes
you to heaven and then if you remember hell, fall in the gutter, you shall be called dirty brute.
You must become member of divine family. You must never wish to fall in the gutter.

• If someone marries after promising Father (not to marry), he shall be ruined completely. They
shall not be able to see the prosperity of heaven. (24-5-71 pg-4)

• Many children with perverted thoughts think that they like a particular person. I should get
married to him the Gandharva way. But this Gandharva marriage is performed when the
friends, relatives cause a lot of trouble. So it’s performed to protect from them. But that
doesn’t mean everyone says we will perform Gandharva marriage. They can never remain
(pure). They will fall in the gutter on the first day (of marriage) itself….... Performing
Gandharva marriage is not as easy as visiting the maternal aunt’s house. Whenever two
persons start liking each other, they say we will perform Gandharva marriage. Brothers
should be very careful in this matter. They should understand that their child (who wants to
perform Gandharva marriage) is no more of any use. They should be separated from the
person whom he/she has started loving; otherwise they will perform acts which could bring
disrepute. One should be very careful in this gathering. In future the gathering will take place
according to rules. People with such (perverted) thoughts will not be allowed inside.
(20-4-75 pg3)

• There is no need for spinsters (kumaris) to get married. The troubles increase due to this.
When spinsters get tied in bondages, then we have to make efforts to save them from the
slaughterers. People slaughter each other (with the knife of sex lust) which nobody knows.
(3-2-78 pg2)

• Children ask about the marriage of their daughters. If they can’t continue in the path of
knowledge, then get them married. Daughter should be got married. But if the son doesn’t
become pure, doesn’t obey your order, then how can swan and crane live together? Tell him,
if you can remain pure, you can stay. Otherwise get out. Father will always give correct
direction. If he (Brahma) gives wrong (direction), then Father (Shiva) will be responsible for
that. (12-7-73, pg3)

• Children say, Baba there are a lot of bondages. Can I get married? I want a companion. If you
want to get married, do so. What will Baba do? If you want inheritance, you have to become
pure. Nobody can do anything if you want to become pure. If anyone beats you, you go and
report (to police). Children seek permission for marriage. This is also an excuse. They can’t
progress (in the path of knowledge). They perform Gandharva marriage and keep sinking.
It’s better to remain a bachelor, rather than sink. (30-11-73, pg-3)

• After Gandharva marriage, maaya makes one a prostitute (tawaif). Maaya is also very strong.
(19-12-73, pg-1)

• If you want to get married, you will not get the inheritance. (27-11-77)

• If you want to get your daughter married, then play the role like a spectator. Otherwise, there
will be quarrels. If the daughters don’t want to become pure, then under such helpless
situations, let their destruction happen. If you don’t want to remain pure, then go to hell. They
must be sent away, otherwise they will become prostitutes. (19-8-73, pg-3)

• Recently a couple got married. Baba has seen such a case for the first time. They don’t
embrace each other. If anyone of them used to sleep together, the other one used to say that
sleep separately. They have shown a lot of courage in the beginning. It’s a wonder, isn’t it? If
they continue like this, they will attain such a high post. (17-6-70,pg-2)

• (How will I get freedom from this bondage?) Only an idiot man will say so. They are
interested inside (i.e., in mind) but come to Baba and tell outwardly, “I am being troubled for
marriage. Shall I get married?” Are you an animal that they will force you? You are
interested (in marriage) inside. That’s why you ask me, “What should I do?” Then Baba will
also say, “You can marry”. You will not be able to live without it. There’s nothing to ask in
this matter. Soul is its own friend and its own enemy. It can act as it wants. If you ask, then it
means that you are interested (in marriage). (29-3-75, pg-3)

• Marrying for sex is like destroying oneself……For half the period of World Cycle in the path
of worship, marriages were performed for sex. Now in the Confluence Age, marrying for sex
is like destroying oneself. Engagement to the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul Shiva causes
prosperity. (9-3-78, pg-3)

• Marrying at this time is like causing one’s complete destruction. Getting engaged to
bridegroom Shiva here, will bring prosperity in heaven. (23-3-78, pg-3)
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Re: Murli Points

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• If you have courage you can live on your own. Then why do you get into any kind of
trouble. Stomach doesn’t eat (i.e. require) much. At the most three rupees are enough for
the stomach. One rupee everyday. But it should be eight annas (a unit of currency popular
in the 20th Century India: One Indian Rupee is considered to be equal to 16 annas). Only
one should leave the habit of milk and tea. Prepare a curry with the cheapest available
vegetable.....That's all; eat roti (an Indian dish) and nothing else. This doesn’t mean that
you don't have to do this (spiritual) job etc. Otherwise wherefrom will you get eight
annas. You must not beg. This is a house. We eat from the treasury of ShivBaba. If we do
not do any service, eat free of cost, then it's like living on begging. (14.2.74)

• If Baba observes that someone is confused in business matters etc. then He will give
advice. Why do you get so much tensed up? How long are you going to live? Stomach
wants just one or two rotis. Poor and rich, both live with it. Rich people eat well, but get
ill too. Look at the tribal people, how well-built (strong) they are. What do they eat, but
work so much and live happily in their huts. If one can get at the most eight annas for the
meals, then, at this time, one should leave all other attachments. Get two rotis and fill
your stomach. That's all. Then remember the Father. (11.7.78, pg.2)

• Stomach eats just a quarter kilo (250gms) of rotis. One should not be greedier. If one has
more money it will get destroyed. (30.6.71, pg.1)
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Re: Murli Points

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Amrit Vela

• Attention and checking are required. But along with that, the practice of obtaining full
powers from the powerhouse should be checked again and again. This is the strongest
injection. If you get connected to Father then you will remain safe from the
unconsciousness caused by Maaya. (A.V, 8.7.73)

• Baba says that sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning. Ignorant people
sleep for 8 hours. Your sleep should be half of theirs. You are karmayogis (those who
remember God while performing their duties). Sleep at 10 in the night and wake up at 2
A.M. (11.5.73)

• By filling your soul with the nectar during Amrit Vela (generally the pre-dawn period
between 3 A.M. to 4 A.M), your actions during the whole day will also be nectar-like.
Just as the time is great, Amrit Vela is great, the actions and thoughts will also be great
during the whole day.....Amrit Vela is the foundation time for the whole day. (A.V.13.3.78)

• Amrit Vela is very nice time. Worshippers get up early in the morning. Rest of the people
who are like Ajamil (a mythological character who was very sinful throughout his life)
wake up late. (2.9.73, pg.2)

• It's good to remember Father during Amrit Vela. Morning time is very nice. At that time
you will not confront the cyclones of Maaya. There's no use doing penance etc. till
midnight because that time is very dirty, the atmosphere is very bad. So the night time till
1 A.M should be left. After 1 A.M the atmosphere remains good. (9.6.71, pg.2)

• If you get connected to Baba at Amrit Vela, then you will be safe from the unconsciousness
caused by Maaya. There's a lack of this connection only. Connection should be proper.
Not that you just wake-up and simply sit. You followed the rule of waking up and sitting,
but whether the connection was proper? I.e., do you experience all the gains?....Firstly,
check whether the beginning of Amrit Vela is proper? If the beginning is not proper, then
the middle and ending will also not be proper. If you do not have the practice of
experiencing in the beginning, then you will not be able to experience all the joys of the
beginning period of the world (i.e., the first birth of the world drama cycle). Amrit Vela is
like the beginning of the day. If you wake up or sit up or get connected some time or
some hours after the beginning period, then by whatever time you are late here, you will
be correspondingly late there.....Even if you get connected during the time of
worshippers, then you will not be get the boons like children. That's why this period (of
Amrit Vela) is related to that period (of the beginning of the world drama). The most
important and foremost item of the budget is Amrit Vela i.e., the beginning period. Check
yourself at that time whether you are among the ones who come in the beginning of the
drama, or some births later. The hours of this time (Amrit Vela) are equal to the births of
the world drama. The lesser the number of hours here, the lesser the number of births
there. (A.V.23.10.78)

• Baba keeps narrating his experience that there's a lot of fun in waking up early in the
morning. One should talk to oneself. We have passed through the cycle of 84 births.
Churning will also be nice in the morning. If one has interest in service, then Baba will
wake you up automatically. (20.7.73, pg.3)

• During the time of Amrit Vela, God is ready to draw your line of luck as you wish....At that
time God is in an innocent, loveful form. So, in love, you can make Him to draw a great
line (of luck). You can make Him to draw your line of luck for as many births as you
wish, whether in the eight gems (Ashta ratna) or in the rosary of 108. Baapdada is giving
an open offer. (A.V.17.12.79, pg.126)

• If you cannot wake up early then you will not be able to get a high post. You will have to
become a servant or a maid servant. (19.10.78, pg.2)

• The time of Amrit Vela is especially for the children. The queue of worshippers is behind.
The queue of children is first. The time of meeting the special souls is also special.
(A.V. 7.4.83)
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Re: Murli Points

Post by Abhimanyu »


• The eatables that are not offered to deities should not be consumed, like tea, which is not
offered to deities at temples. There are many foods which are considered to be more
impure than tea, which should not be consumed. (6.12.71)

• Do not eat the rubbish food available in the market. Eating this rubbish you have become
dead cobbler. (22.5.70, pg.2)

• The first class food when compared to others is daal (curry made of pulses), rice and
potatoes. If anyone gets used to this, then you will never fall ill. Ascetics eat daal & rice,
but are so healthy. (26.6.70, pg.4)

• One should not eat any impure stuff. Beetle leaves (paan) should not be consumed along
with tobacco. It should smell nice.....In the temple of Lakshmi Narayana too paan is
prepared with good smelling things.... There's no objection to that. It is not a big matter.
It's a very ordinary matter.... Those who smoke beedi (tobacco leaves) emanate bad smell
from their mouths.....The odour of mooli (a kind of vegetable) is also very bad. So such
sour and degraded (tamoguni) foods should not be consumed. (16.11.70, pg.2)

• Many children are there who possess so much money that they can eat with the interest
earned on it. Then they should just remember Father. That's all. But maaya doesn't allow
one to remember. (10.3.69, pg.2)

• You come here to transform yourselves from human beings to deities. Deities never eat &
drink impure things or smoke. (13.1.71, pg.2)

• Stomach doesn't eat much. One should be satisfied with whatever one gets. (3.1.73)

• Extra hospitality, offering food etc. should not take place. Our food is knowledge. And
this offering of food etc. is not proper. One should not do too much. One should not also
praise them much. ((8.1.73, pg.3)

• One should not have many desires. One should eat whatever one gets from the Yagya (the
Godly family). If one has extra desires, or the organs are not under control then they will
not be able to achieve high post. (11.4.72, pg.3)

• Keep your body free of diseases and healthy. One should not commit mistakes. No
mistake will take place if one is careful about the diet. Uniform diet will keep the body
also fit. This body is valuable. You make efforts through this body and become deity.
(25.7.76, pg.1,2)

• Children should not ever feel jealous of the treatment given by Baba to big personalities.
Father checks the pulse of each child and makes them act accordingly for their benefit.
(7.11.75, pg.3)

• One should accept whatever one gets from the Yagya. Baba is experienced. Although he
was such a big diamond merchant, whenever he used to go to any Ashram (hermitage) he
used to follow the rules of the ashram. One cannot ask for any special dish there. One
should eat with a lot of royalty. One should eat whatever everyone gets. Complete peace
is required in this Godly Ashram (hermitage). (6.3.77, pg.2)

• Whatever one gets from the Yagya to eat, one should consume it thinking it to be a sweet.
One should not feel greedy. Yoga (remembrance) is also required. If Yoga is not there,
then one will say that I shall fall ill if I do not get a particular dish in my meals.
(29.2.84, pg.2)

• Father explains you children that you should not indulge even slightly in decorating the
degraded body. The world is very bad. While living in the household do not be
fashionable. Fashion attracts. In the present time beauty is not good. It’s better to be dark.
Nobody will run behind (such person). Lots of people run after beauty. (5.6.71, pg.1)

• These decorations are external. Now you are engaged to ShivBaba. When one gets
married he/she wears old clothes on the day of the marriage (before the ceremony). Now
nobody should decorate this body. If you decorate yourself with knowledge and
meditation, then you shall become angels. (30.11.78, pg.2)

• Now both fathers are decorating you. Earlier Father was alone, without body. He cannot
decorate you from above (i.e. Soul World). (5.12.70, pg.1)

• You don’t have to leave your household. You are neither bound by the condition of white
clothes. But white clothes are good. Since you have been in Bhatti (14 years camp of
meditation in Sindh, Pakistan from 1936- 1950) this has become your dress. Now a days
people like white clothes very much. Even when human beings die, the dead body is
covered with white cloth. (13.9.71)

• You must be very happy mentally. This is an old dirty world. One should not even think
of experiencing the comfort of wearing nice clothes. This is called “ichha maatram
avidya” (A stage where a person does not even have the knowledge of desires).
(27.7.70, pg.4)

• Who has asked you to change the clothes? Wear whatever you like. You have to come in
contact with a lot of people. There is no restriction on coloured clothes. You can wear any
cloth. There’s no connection with clothes. Baba just says, “Shed all relationships of body
including body.” (10.12.70, pg.2)

• Earlier when a girl used to get married, she used to lead a simple life (vanvaas, literally
meaning a forest life of sages etc.) before marriage. They used to be made to wear white,
torn clothes. Not even coloured. You children also have to lead a simple life here. You
will wear everything there. If you wear nice clothes here, the corresponding prosperity
will be reduced there (in heaven). You must shed the body consciousness. (20-12-70)

• Here you are leading simple life (vanvaas). You must not have any hobbies (desires), like,
we should wear dry-cleaned dresses. We should wear nice saris. This is also body
consciousness. Whatever we get is good. (8-3-69)

• Clothes etc. should be simple. Good clothes also cause body consciousness. Hence, it’s
better to avoid such clothes. If it’s nice, it will attract the attention of everyone.
(9-5-69, pg.4)

• If one wears clothes given by friends, relatives etc. your post will be spoiled. This is
ShivBaba’s Bhandara (store house). One must be sustained by the Yagya of Purifier
Father (Patit Paavan Baap) and not by sinful home. And if you possess anything given by
somebody, you will be reminded of him/her surely. (4-10-76)

• Father comes and teaches poor people only. The clothes etc. of poor people are dirty, isn’t
it? ....This is an old body, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you dress it with any simple and
cheap cloth. There is no question of pomp and show in it. There must not be any
connection with the body. (12-10-76)

• You must not wear ornaments to beautify your face. You must not wear clothes to show
off to the world. But you should decorate your inner self like this. You must wear such
ornaments (of virtues) which are liked by the Father and your heart. One who’s oriented
towards outward world (Bahirmukh) is liked by the world and one who’s oriented towards
the inner self is liked by one’s heart. (6-7-69, pg. 1)
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Re: Murli Points

Post by Abhimanyu »


• Now the register of characters should also be brought along. How much time did I study, how
much time did I spend in the remembrance of Baba? What did I eat and drink? There’s safety
in maintaining a chart of one’s behaviour. How much time do I take to eat? How much time
do I sleep? What do I do? One should write everything. (12-2-78, pg-4, 10-2-78)

• If one maintains a chart, then one will be afraid that the chart has to be sent to Baba.
(3-1-73, pg-4)

• There’s a lot of gain in maintaining a chart. Otherwise register will keep getting spoiled…..If
you don’t write then Baba will think that you are disobedient, isn’t it? (26-1-68, pg-4)

• Father says, “You maintain your register”.....Write your chart in the evening
everyday…..Also write that I ate that food at that time. Then I ate this, drank this. Then you
will know if you were overcome by greed. How many times do we eat in a day? I ate and
drank this. One should write everything. Only then will there be any improvement. Father
understands that there’s nothing in his fate. He doesn’t maintain a register. They don’t
understand that it’s Godly Version. They feel this Dada (Brahma) keeps telling something or
the other. Children don’t realize the one who’s speaking. There’s no regard for Him. (In the
Murli next to 12-3-78)

• Potamail (life story) should also be revealed to Father. What is your occupation, what do you
earn……what do you possess now? It should be revealed to Father. Not that whatever is
yours is mine, but don’t touch my belongings. There are many such clever children.
(12-7-73, pg-2)

• If you commit any sin after becoming Baba’s child, then you will get hundred times
punishment. Whenever you commit sin, if you inform Father immediately, on the one hand
the hundred times punishment will be waived and on the other hand the sin will not increase.
(18-1-72, pg-4)

• Father says, “Write the real chart”. Many children do not write the truth due to body
consciousness. For this also you will be punished. Due to hiding of truth, punishment will
also be given. (27-4-72, pg-2)

• Baba has explained that if you do not narrate the sins committed even in this birth then it will
keep increasing inside. If you narrate the sin (to Baba) then it will not increase.
(17-6-72, pg-2)

• Father says even if you see anyone committing sin, report it (to Father) so that he can be
cautioned. Otherwise the sin will keep increasing. Then the onus for that falls on the person
who doesn’t report the sin. Suppose someone steals some thing, He won’t report himself. So
the person who observes his actions should report. (7-5-72,pg-4)

• If the matter regarding someone talking on wastefully is not reported then the onus for the sin
of not correcting them falls on you. (15-7-72)

• If you have committed any sin, report it to the Father immediately. Not that God knows. One
should report to the corporeal Father. The soul knows about all the sins committed in the
present birth. The soul remembers everything, “What are the actions that I have performed?”
You must tell the Corporeal Father about the sins that you have committed. The main issue is
the sex-lust. (16-8-72, pg-2)

• Insects are born out of dirt. Keeping them means increasing them. So when you are free from
the insects, you can fill yourself with the treasures that you have received from the Father.
(26-1-76, A.V.)

• Many explain that suppose you perform a (wrong) act, and repent the action, seek (Baba’s)
excuse, and then the chapter is closed. But it’s not so. To whatever extent one may seek
pardon, but the mark of the sin or wasteful action does not wash away. The marks of dirt get
impressed. The register never becomes clean. (10-5-72, pg-37/2)

• The poison of entanglement in body consciousness destroys the entire income. The dark mark
appears on the register of income earned so far which is hard to remove. Just as the fire of
meditation (Yoga) destroys (burns) the past sins, similarly the fire of vicious pleasures
destroys the past good deeds. Don’t consider this to be a simple matter. This is like falling
from the fifth floor. They also describe in a simple way. I committed the sin 4—5 times. I will
not repeat it in future. Even while describing there’s no feeling of repentance. They describe
as if they are reporting ordinary news. In their mind they feel that such things are common.
The target is very high. How’s it possible now…..You have to repent for the past mistakes
now only, report it to the Father and remove your burden. Give yourself very tough
punishment so that you will be free from the punishments in future. (24-10-75, A.V, pg-249)

• In Bhakti (path of worship) people used to say that give everything to Ram. Now, when the
time has come to surrender everything, why do you keep everything for yourself? .....Be
generous while giving. If you keep old waste material, then you will fall ill. The sign of
faithfulness is tension free attitude (5-5-77 A.V. 132)

• Baba has said that don’t hide anything from him (i.e., Brahma). If you tell him everything
then your sins will be excused. He is my child. Tell him the truth. I already know. How will
he know? That’s why everyone should tell him. (19.11.72, pg3)

• Everyone should maintain register himself. Check if you have caused sorrow to anyone. Do
you speak lies at anytime? If you do not tell (Baba) then you will get hundred times
punishment and the sin will keep on increasing. For e.g. if someone indulges in sex. If he
does not write then his stage will go down continuously. By telling (or reporting) you will be
saved. By not informing, the disease will increase more and more. (5.4.79)

• Those children will maintain Potamail (life story or diary) who are going to become great.
Otherwise, they will just show off. They will stop writing after 15-20 days. (15.5.69, pg.2)

• You must check the account of the day’s activities in the night. What have I done? Did I eat
food like deities or like donkeys? Was my behaviour as per rules or like illiterates? If you
don’t take care of your potamail then you cannot progress ever. Write the truth that my
thoughts were diverted towards the name and beauty of a particular person. Today I
committed these sinful acts. There are a few in millions who write the truth. (17.4.75, pg.1)

• Even in this life, if the sins committed in the childhood are reported then half of the
punishment will be cut. For the remaining half you will have to work hard again.
(5.8.78, pg.2)
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Re: Murli Points

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Jaani Jaananhaar

• How will the Father speak without a body? How will he listen? A soul has a body that’s why he listens and speaks. Baba says I do not have any organ at all, so how can I listen, see or know? Children think that Baba knows everything. We indulge in sex. If he does not know this, then we will not believe him to be God. There are many like this. [30.6.75, pg.3]

• One should never think that Baba knows everything. There are many who indulge in sex and commit sins and come here (i.e., madhuban) or the centers. They feel that Baba knows everything. But Baba says I do not know anything. I don’t do this business. The word jaani-jananhaar (one who knows everything, including others’ thoughts) itself is wrong. [30.6.75, pg.10]

• Never think that Baba knows everything. Where is the need for Baba to know everything? Those who commit sin will experience the results. And I just observe like a detached spectator. [30.6.75, pg.2]

• Jaani Jaananhaar does not mean that he knows our thoughts. Father says I am not a thought reader.
[11.6.75, pg.1]

• Do not think that Baba is antaryaami (i.e., one who knows the thoughts of everyone). Baba had already said this. Children feel that all this is a blunder. [9.3.78]

• Indians often tell that He is antaryaami. He knows everybody’s inside. Father says I do not know anybody’s mind. My work is only to purify the sinful. [1.1.73, pg.1]

• Many children write to Baba that, ‘Baba you are jaani jaananhaar. You must be in the know of everything.’ Baba considers such children to be fools. I have come only to impart knowledge. Have I come to read every thought of everybody? [30.11.73, pg.3]
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Re: Murli Points

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• There are so many bonded daughters (bandheli bachhiyan i.e. spinsters and married ladies)
who suffer beatings. If anyone beats and if there’s a mark (on the body) then report to the
government immediately. They you will get freedom immediately. But one needs courage
and should have destroyed attachment. Finally you children only should be victorious.
(14-5-73 pg-3)

• A child (a brother) used to come in Bombay. He had taken a vow of purity. So his house used
to witness a lot of quarrels. When a girl used to go to take classes, then her brother used to
warn that “If you go there I shall kill you”. (24-1-78, pg-1)

• Be pure. If anyone creates obstacles in this, one should not care about it. One can obtain rotis
(an eatable prepared from wheat flour), isn’t it? (28-9-75 pg-3)

• Quarrels take place on this purity only. But one should be very strong. Now it’s better to
remain pure by doing some or the other job for the sake of livelihood instead of becoming
prostitute for the sake of sex. There are some like this also. (25-4-71 pg-3)

• There’s so much of quarrelling when mothers become pure. When the husband doesn’t allow
the wife to become pure then there will be oppression. Then she will run away, isn’t it?
(13-12-71 , pg-3)

• There’s not so much hungaama (uproar mess) over any institution because here the main
emphasis is on purity. There will be uproar over this only from the beginning to the end.
There will be big uproar when people of big (i.e., rich) houses start coming. (30-11-70 pg-2)

• There will be obstacles in case of purity only. There will be oppressions on the weaklings
(i.e., mothers). The names (of oppressors) are Duryodhan, Dushasana (eldest ones among the
demoniac Kaurava brothers in the epic Mahabharata who were responsible for disrobing
their sister-in-law Draupadi in the King’s Court).(1-5-69 )

• Beatings are received only on becoming pure. Father says, “I have come to spoil everybody’s
households.” (1-6-76,pg-2)

• Quarrels arise over sex-lust only. If they don’t permit you to remain pure then you will
certainly say that it’s better to clean utensils. We shall clean and sweep the house, but we will
remain pure. Lot of courage is required in this. Whenever one comes into the asylum of
Father, Maya also starts fighting. (6-8-76pg-2)

• If one is impure, one cannot remember Father. There are many in whose case, on the clearance
of accounts of karmic bonds, when both wheels (i.e. both husband and wife) of the vehicle (of
household) are pure, then the vehicle will move smoothly. When both become pure, then they
will sit on the pyre of knowledge. Otherwise there will be problem. (7-9-76, pg-3)

• Some say that Baba when we live in the house, she doesn’t allow me to touch her. Arey! Is it
the time for that now? It’s not good to touch a woman. Otherwise the vices will attract you.
(6-10-76, pg-1)

• When someone speaks angrily, you observe silently. Quarrels take place over sex only. O.K!
If your husband beats you then you remember ShivBaba. “Oh ShivBaba! He is beating me.”
By remembering ShivBaba you will get salvation. As will be your stage at the end, so will be
your salvation. (29-10-76 pg-2)

• One has to tolerate a lot of oppressions while becoming viceless. (6-3-84 pg-2)
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Re: Murli Points

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• Some souls develop vicious (lustful) feeling (towards others). So souls having such feeling
also come into the list of most sinful souls (mahapaapi). In the Brahmin family the biggest
sin or stain is due to this vicious (lustful) feeling. (A.V. 19-9-75 pg119)

• Do you feel the courage in yourself or turn bad feeling and nature into good feeling? If your
feeling is good, then no feeling or circumstance can attack in any way. (A.V. 6-8-72 pg-356)

• When one develops the brotherly vision, then only does the world change and the purusharth
(effort) is also mainly for this i.e. changing the vision. If your vision changes then the stage
and circumstance will also change…....By changing your self first, the world will
automatically change. Celebrate this change in Delhi. Which celebration? Change of the
world through the spiritual vision. The more you are in this intoxication, the more will you be
able to cause fanfare. Then service will come to you. Just as needle gets attracted to magnet.
Less efforts and more success. (A.V. 16-9-76)

• Just as in the Golden Age, the creation (reproduction) is through the power of Yoga
(meditation). In the end, the world will change according to your vision. Such vision through
which the world can change. Are you feeling such divinity in your vision? Vision deceives
and also turns the sinful into pure souls…... Do you know how to transform the vision? The
vision has to be made spiritual. Whoever you see should seem to be a soul. When there is any
problem in the eyes i.e. vision then the same object appears double. Similarly if the vision is
not changed completely then here too, the same object appears to be two. Body and the
soul….......What is the reason for the non-transformation of vision? (Ans.) Non
transformation of thoughts (feelings). (A.V. 9-12-76)

• Do you know how to create the world through vision? How is your creation? Is it through the
womb or though the vision? There’s a proverb that the world will be created though vision.
The vision should be such as to transform the world. Do you experience such divinity in
yourself? The vision deceives and also turns sinful into pure souls……The reason for non
transformation of the world is the non transformation of vision. The reason for non
transformation of vision is non transformation of thoughts (feelings). (A.V. 6-8-70 pg-305)

• The bad vision is only that of lust. That is the worst thing. One should never have the bad
lustful (vicious) vision. Mostly the vision of adult males and females is lustful. The vision of
spinsters (kumaris) and bachelors (kumars) also become vicious sometimes. (31-3-75 pg-1)
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Re: Murli Points

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• Only those who come and understand from Father will undertake the vow of purity.
Father is transforming incapable ones into capable ones. (2-9-77 pg-3)

• The special basis of this Brahmin life is only purity. The greatness of you all great souls is
purity only. Purity is the greatness of this country. Purity is the prosperity of you Brahmin
children….... Purity is the basis of world transformation. Because of purity only even today
your non-living pictures (i.e. the pictures of deities) are considered greater than the living
beings in the world. Today’s famous souls also bow before purity……Impurity is others’
religion, purity is our religion. It is easier to adopt our religion. The first order of Father for
the obedient children is to become pure….... The resolves of impurity should not emerge
even in thoughts ever since you have taken (this divine) birth. You have left impurity i.e.
poison. Becoming Brahmin means renouncement of impurity.(Av.14-1-79 pg-211)

• Purity is the first means (way) of becoming a Yogi. Purity is the means to experience the
affection of Father. Purity is the basis of success in service. (AV. 27-2-85 pg-194)

• Those who are officer-like (adhikari) children do not feel purity to be difficult. Those who
feel purity to be difficult will waver a lot. If purity is considered to be one’s own religion and
birth right then it will always appear to be easy. An officer-like soul immediately on arrival
(in the path of knowledge) takes a strong resolution that purity is Father’s right so I have to
become pure without fail. (AV. 2-3-85 pg- 206)

• Purity is not just the vow of Brahmacharya (celibacy). Purity even in thoughts, habits and
resolves means that even if there is thought of jealousy or hatred towards others then it will
not be called purity, but impurity. The definition of purity excludes even traces of all the
vices. There should not be impurity of any kind even in thoughts. (AV. 31-10-75 pg-253)

• Purity is personality. The more purity you possess, the personality of purity will make
everyone to bow before you automatically….... The personality of purity makes the big
personalities to bow their heads…... Wherever anyone looks, they should observe purity
everywhere. However great a soul may be, it may possess name and fame, but there is no
vibration of purity because they accept the name, respect and pomp of success…..... Now, in
the practical life this personality of purity is required…...... This is the biggest personality of
the world. People should experience that one had expected something else and observed
something else. They should accept that something which was lacking in our intellect
(i.e. purity) is present in their practical life. (AV. 1-4-78 pg-72)

• The first right is of purity. All other rights including prosperity and peace are obtained on its
basis. So if you are always No. 1 in obtaining the first right of purity, then you will be No. 1
in achievements also. Never weaken the foundation of purity. Only then will you gallop last
so fast. (AV. 5-4-81 pg-129)

• Purity is the greatness of the confluence aged Brahmins. Purity is the great decoration of
confluence aged Brahmins….... The basis, i.e. foundation of the prarabdha (future
achievement or luck) of kingship is purity. The basis of meeting between souls i.e., children
and Father is pure intellect. The basis of all the confluence aged achievements is purity.
Purity is the basis for achieving the worship worthy post. (AV. 6-1-82 pg-218)

• You will achieve posts according to your purity. If there’s any deficiency then they shall take
birth also late. (2-10-76)

• This life full of prosperity and peace is on the basis of purity and cleanliness. Wherever
there’s purity or cleanliness there’s no trace of sorrow or peacelessness. This is a small
prosperous world inside the fortress of purity. If you step out of the fortress of purity even in
thoughts you experience the effect of sorrow and peacelessness.
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Re: Murli Points

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• Everyone must feel responsible. If you think that Didi, Dadi or teacher is responsible, then
it proves that you have to become their subjects only and not Kings in future. This is also
a resolve (habit) of remaining subordinate. Those who remain subordinate cannot get
power. He cannot get the destiny of world kingdom. That's why those who take up their
own responsibility first & then the responsibility of the world will become the World
Emperor. (A.V.25.9.78, pg.2)

• Those who become entitled to inheritance have a right over everything. They do not
become subordinates to the body, relatives of the body or the things connected with body.
So, such people who become subordinates cannot become officers. (A.V.24.1.70, pg.183)

• Not that you must own big cars etc. Something like this will be bondage. Lessen your
bondage as far as possible. When people attain the age of Vanaprastha (60 years) they
stop traveling to places, keeping motors (i.e., cars) etc. (1.2.74, pg.2)

• Somebody who accepts the subordination of any person or wealth cannot become an Allround
Officer (sarvadhikari). (A.V.26.6.74, pg.80)

• Those who belong to the No.1 category do not take the basis of (i.e. get affected by) their
body, i.e. body consciousness, day-night, hunger-thirst, means (equipments) of luxury or
relaxation or of any other matter. They remain aloof from all kinds of remembrances of
body. (A.V.7.2.76)

• If you don's know how to take care of someone then you should be under the care of
someone else. So instead of Master Creator they will have to become creation.
(A.V.8.7.73, pg.127)

• Officers are never subordinates to any one.... One should be able to control & use his/her
organs whenever, wherever & in whatever way on wishes as to use it. (A.V.4.5.73, pg.92)

• Now check practically if every organ of the body has become detached like lotus, just as
lotus remains untouched (from the dirty water) in spite of being in contact with it.
Similarly, are the organs detached from the actions and the fruits thereof, in spite of being
in contact with them? ....Does the pleasure of any organ like the pleasure of seeing, the
pleasure of listening, speaking subjugate you? (A.V.23.1.76, pg13)

• One cannot become servant and Officer at the same time. The sign of servitude is
unhappiness in mind and on face. Unhappiness is the sign of servitude.....Servant will
always be upset. An Officer will always be set (i.e. seated) on his throne. Servant will
become unhappy in small matters and get confused in a second and the Officer like soul
will always feel comfortable. ....Servant like soul will always find itself caught in a
whirlpool of tests. Officer like soul will sail across the river playing with the waves of
tests like a boatman. (A.V.6.4.82, pg347)

• Have you practiced to imbibe the courage to give a practical shape to every direction of
the Almighty Authority? ...Who can succeed in this practice? Those who are free in all
aspects. There should not be any kind of bondage. Baapdada also gives the teaching to
make everyone free.....the first freedom is with respect to the inner relationship with the
old body. This freedom leads to all kinds of freedom easily. Although one may not like it,
the bondage of body binds oneself in various other bondages in the same way as a flying
bird (like soul) is made a cage bird. So check yourself if you are a free bird? Or a cage
bird?....Bondage will always bring you down i.e., take you towards downfall.
(A.V.26.4.77, pg.98)

• Those who become entitled to inheritance exercise power over everyone or everything.
They are not subjugated by anything. If they are subjugated by the body, relatives of the
body, things connected to the body, then such people who get subjugated cannot become
Officers. Officers never become subordinates. By thinking yourselves to be Officers, you
will be saved from the subjugation of any form of Maya (vices). (A.V.24.1.70, pg.183)

• The soul which remains subjugated by some or the other resolve (habit) or relation in the
present time becomes entitled to the post of subject for many births instead of becoming
Royal Officers (rajyadhikari). (A.V.6.1.86, pg.133)

• Vishnu (a deity among the trinity) is shown lying on a bed formed of snake (Sesha snake)
i.e., He made it His bed i.e., it became subordinate and He became the Officer. Otherwise
nobody can touch a snake. He made it His bed means He became victorious, the snake of
vices became subordinate. (A.V.12.12.79, pg.111)

• Some children who do not find the courage in themselves to receive the company and
cooperation of the Father directly, make their co-travelers their guides....They consider a
soul, instead of the Father to be their support, that's why they drift away from the
Father.....Instead of taking the imperishable support, they take many short living supports.

• If the Father happens to be the Master of the world and the children don't even exercise
mastery over their organs then will they be called the children of the Master? (A.V.9.5.75)

• The soul which is bound up in the actions cannot experience the relationship with Father. It
will always be poor in the subject of remembrance, although it may be clever in listening
to & preaching the knowledge and it may be sensible but will not be essenceful. It will
increase the service but the increase will not be as per the procedure.... It may become
speaker, but it cannot proceed speedily (in the path of knowledge). (A.V.8.4.82, pg.346,347)

• Any kind of support, short living support, will take you far away from the support of the
Father. (A.V.30.4.82, pg.402)

• Just as it is shown for Krishna that he gained victory over a snake (called Kaaliya naag)
and danced on its head. So this is your picture. However poisonous snakes (of vices) may
come your way, but you are the ones to gain victory over them & dance.
(A.V.25.11.85, pg.58)

• Not getting subjugated means walking majestically like a lion, lioness.
(A.V.23.4.77, pg.95)
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Re: Murli Points

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• Although Mama doesn’t possess a body, she continues to make efforts. She goes out on
service. She enters into the bodies of children and shows the path to the sinful to become
pure. (22-7-72 pg-2)

• Not that Mama has gone away. She doesn’t teach. Just as Baapdada are combined. Both
have opened this spiritual university. Both teach together. (25-8-70 pg-2)

• I enter into this impure body. I make everyone satopradhan (i.e. of the highest grade) through
them.(20-1-75 pg-3)

• He explains only to the one who has taken complete 84 births. I come in his village. It is not
that everyone in India takes 84 births. (30-6-74 pg-2)

• I do not come in those who have started worshipping me in the present birth. I come in that
person who has started worshipping first of all (in the Copper Age). He only gets the fruits of
worship (Bhakti). You also understood that who is the first worshipper, who started worship
for the first time? The worship has started since the Copper Age. Nobody can explain these
calculations. These are very secret matters. I come in that person who has started worship first
of all. The one, who was no. 1 worship-worthy, will become no.1 worshipper. He himself
says that this Chariot will only become number one. (26-6-74 pg-2)

• Names of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are uttered. But it’s not understood in whom God
enters out of these three. Those people utter the name of Vishnu but he’s a deity. How can he
teach? Baba tells himself that I enter into him. (4-5-84 pg-3)
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Re: Murli Points

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EIGHT GEMS & NINE GEMS (Ashta Ratna & Nav Ratna)

• Becoming a part of eight gems is not as easy as visiting the maternal aunt's house. Eight
are chosen out of crores. 33 crore deities are famous only in India. Even if you consider
that figure, 8 souls come out fool proof out of 33 crores. At the most 108. Even that is a
very tough target. (26.7.72, pg.4)

• Are there just Shaktis (mothers & sisters) among the eight gems or Pandavas (brothers)
can also get into the eight? When all the souls are brothers, then the souls who remain
firm in the stage of soul consciousness can become part of eight gems. The seat of
Pandavas is also among the eight gems only. There's no question of Shaktis or Pandavas
in this. It's the question of soul consciousness. (A.V.18.6.73, pg.101)

• Those who pass with honors, the eight gems, can only possess civil eyes. Not even 108.
(15.7.70, pg.2)

• Those who become eight gems must be remembering ShivBaba for 8 hours. There's a
rosary, is not it? Actually 9 gems are famous. (8.5.69,pg.4)

• Surely these souls have put in secret hard work. (6.2.74, pg1)

• There's a rosary of nine gems also which is remembered because they only have purified
the sinful. They cause the welfare of everyone. You do so much service. You should have
common sense. People of every religion remember God by feeling the beads of a rosary
one by one. The rosary of 108 is common. Christians also carry the rosary of eight gems
because you nine gems are know all the religious books. You know the
habits of everyone. Everyone is corrupted. (12.9.73, pg3,4)

• Nine gems are famous. From where did they come? People do not know. Gems are there
but there's someone who makes them make effort. Biggest gem is Baba. He is kept in the
center. Eight gems are there who become the beads of the rosary of eight. (24.10.73, pg3)

• Becoming the beads of the rosary of victory (Vijay maala) is not a great thing, but
becoming the beads of the rosary of Father is the real luck. (25.5.74)

• Here too, those who are the eight gems, will even now be considered to be favorite deity
(Isht-Dev) by the whole Brahmin family i.e., those who guide the ways to success through
their every thought and action, and will be considered great idols similarly by
everyone. (17.1.78)

• Now the fast efforts (purusharth) are being polished. Little bit of shortcoming which
persist, get hidden by the polish. When there are eight numbers (ranks) so they will have
some shortcomings when compared to the first number. But it will not be so much to be
detected clearly. (A.V.19.12.78, pg136)

• Even among the eight, what's the difference between the first number & the eighth
number? All the eight are worshipped, but there's a difference in the worship of each,
there's a difference in the victory of each. The specialty of each one is also special. And
the shortcomings which persist also are special on the basis of which the numbers are
decided. (27.5.77, pg177)

• There are gems of the beginning (aadi ratna) in Bombay & Delhi especially.

• Those who pass with honours, their time of sleep is also counted in a meditative
stage. (A.V.29.6.74, pg.74)

• Master Sun of Knowledge (Master Gyan Surya) means equal to Father. Only the eight
gems attain a stage equal to that of Father in spite of being stars, isn’t it?
(A.V.15.9.74, pg.133)
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