Hypocrisy ...or just blind to the facts?

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Hypocrisy ...or just blind to the facts?

Post by paulkershaw » 14 Jul 2008

Paging through a "new-age magazine this weekend I come across an advertisement showing the latest events and classes available at a BKWSU centre nearby. One of the talks is advertised as "the Power to be Healthy" and to be facilitated by one particular BKWSU member who I know to be extremely over-weight and unhealthy in eating habits.

Is this not hypocritical in nature? or am I being judgemental and cruel to expect that when I go to a particular talk, or even if I was to give a class on a particular subject, the facilitator should be walking their talk on all levels? What proof can be shown of the power within whatever the talk or class is titled, when the facilitator themselves is not healthy and openly appears to be in bad shape.

Or is it a case of this particular facilitator not seeing the facts and knowing they need to be more healthy, puts a talk together for their own benefit and growth?
I am tempted to go to the talk and question it all myself, but I s'pose now that I am openly on this forum; I'd have to wear dark glasses and a cane to get in the front door.

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Re: Hypocrisy ...or just blind to the facts?

Post by pilatus » 14 Jul 2008

Hello paul,

I had a similar experience a few years ago when we had dietary analysis/feedback from a rather well-built Michael Van Straten (LBC's Doctor Garlic) while on a management course. Many of us when we first saw Michael felt as you did: how can someone with that shape teach us anything about good diet? However, the course tutor emphasized several times that Michael had been challenged by food and this had led to him becoming very knowledgeful.

So, I guess, it depends what you do with your weaknesses as to whether you're hypocritical. My former centre-in-charge always used to say that you were better off teaching subjects you were less good at - you find yourself learning a lot more (hopefully) :D.

Very best wishes,

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Re: Hypocrisy ...or just blind to the facts?

Post by chai bhai » 14 Jul 2008

Hello there paul and pilatus, I think if we were only to teach what we imbibed no-one would ever teach anything (maybe that would be good).

We could all sit around like space cadets with candles and have some serious meditation to bring some peace into the world). So from the first day when I went to the Raja Yoga centre and I said to myself, "I am really an amazing pure being of light" I felt like a hypocrit because, of course, I knew that I was not that. I had been bonking and smoking not too much before that but then I thought to myself that I have to say it to myself and 'pretend' it for it to become real.

And, slowly, it is becoming more real for sure. The gap between what I am saying and what I am being is getting less. So I think there is a bit of that in teaching. And teaching what you most need to learn is a good thing. I heard a saying one time - "those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach". I do not think it is 100% like that, but it reminds me that teachers are learning, they have not necessarily become masters of what they are teaching.

Maybe if they act like they the embodiment of it they are hypocrites. But I think mainly they are not hypocrites, just students and learners

kind regards,

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