Give Your Bones in the Baba's Service says Dadi Janki

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Re: Give Your Bones in the Baba's Service says Dadi Janki

Post by john morgan » 24 May 2008

ex-l wrote:Sometimes I really wonder at what juggling and arm-wrestling goes, and went on, between the Seniors.
Well, one thing is for sure, it did and does go on. Whilst I appreciate what the BK have to say its what they don't say that is the trouble. Hidden agendas, secretive goings on. things you don't need to know etc. Whilst you are manipulating people these things are necessary. BKs are careful not to visibly tread on each others toes because they think that a unified polished front is essential for service, the rewriting of their history is an aspect of this.

Whilst giving your bones is presented as a BK aspiration it is very important to look at who qualifies. What exactly are the BK looking for? What they like are people who are prepared on the strength of a little drishti to accept that God is teaching. You have to not ask too many questions and definitely no awkward ones. Its best to not to be too self reliant because they must become the most important people in your life. Yes, they do teach you to be independent but that involves relying on them, listening to their every word and understanding that they speak and act for Baba. You must also have faith that this is true as doubt means that you will not pass the exam. They in short look for all the eggs in one basket people and if you are prepared to do this without question then hey presto! you qualify! This is real magic! Or is it something else?

Another thing worth looking at is that senior BKs will never admit that they were wrong, each of their thoughts and actions is to their mind an expression of the word of God. If one of their senior companions do something harmful to a student it will not be addressed accurately because the unified front that they consider is so important to maintain takes precedence over all else. Many true hearts have left the study for this very reason. One would think that an appeal process would sort such issues out but any appeal that is possible is governed by exactly the same criteria.

Now I am not saying that what the BK are doing is a bad thing, everyone wants to improve their life, its just that their approach could be seen as a little extreme. But if you want to jump in and "give your bones" it is of course your decision. The reason that this forum exists is that the BK damage and hurt many students. It is only if you become close to them that they will do this because otherwise the news may get out that you can leave the BK feeling as if you are damned forever and believe you me it is not a nice feeling. So why doesn't the BK approach work for many? After all God is teaching!

Well, the only possible reason is that God is a little thick, you know stupid. You think he will help you, so you do what he says through of course the BK. God is infallible, he knows everything, he knows exactly how you are and exactly what you will do and he gives you the best advice so if it doesn't work there can only be one possible person to blame and guess who that is? Well, look in the mirror my friend, you are the culprit! Of course you are not, you weren't taught correctly, but all the people you have been impressed by would have you believe that. Earlier I said that God was stupid, Well I'd like you to remember this if you decide to jump in and it doesn't work out for you. If, and I truly hope it never happens, that you find yourself in the situation I am talking about please recall that there are people here to whom you in your pain will be more valuable than all the BK put together.

The time of parting from the BK will be very tough for you because you will have invested so much time effort faith and money in the family. Because you have left many of your so called friends will avoid you and you will have seemingly fallen out of grace. You may have been out of grace before you joined the BK but it is only now that you will experience the mother of all hell's. No longer a member of the Brahmin family and no longer a member of the human race, you will belong nowhere. God, your dearest Baba still heads the BK family in your mind and you are estranged, you may go back to the BK they often say "We cannot help you for a month," sounds better than "No" doesn't it? The reason I am telling you about all these things is that they could happen for you and if they do you could do a lot worse than come here to share your pain. You will not be defaming Baba or the brahmin family by coming here, you will be in need of serious help and many here will do their best to give it.

Only a fool would jump into anything before having a good look but the BK will never tell you that, they want you to jump first. Would a servant of God leave you in the dark like this? Of course not. Would a servant of God abandon you if you are in trouble? Definitely No! Would a servant of God ask for donations towards a project that they have enough money to build anyway? I don't think so. The BK often do this sort of thing easily and effortlessly with the full faith that they are servants of God. Perhaps the important question is "would they harm you in any way?" Well, they will not take any responsibility for it if they do and they will tell you and give you the feeling that you are at fault and you will of course believe them - for a short time at best and for the rest of your life at worst. This is BK magic!

So, for your sake, please look long and hard before you give your bones. There are other ways of living a good life. Informed choices are often the best ones.

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Re: Give Your Bones in the Baba's Service says Dadi Janki

Post by bluesky » 27 May 2008

Well, I am impressed with what she can do for her age (though her real age has been concealed) and her motivation to do it. But, yes, she is definitely a clever business lady, so clever to manoeuvre events and people to her advantage. Perhaps the word “give your bones in baba's service” is one of her tactics. I also feel, in the past, there had been subtle competition between her and other Dadis.

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