Classes by other BKs

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Classes by other BKs

Post by enlightened » 15 Apr 2008

Talk by Diane Tillman on Understanding and Healing Emotions and Transforming Sanskars given @ Hounslow Centre, England 9/04/2008

Diane introduced the talk by saying that we all love to be with Baba, be soul-conscious and fly with Baba, but sometimes we get what Baba calls the “Brahmin flu”, meaning we sometimes go into the depths of a different kind of consciousness. Brahmins can go from the flying stage to the depths of pain.

Examples of this were given: tiredness, sickness anxiety, anger, stress, ego, waste thoughts, discouragement, laziness, clash of natures, suppression, desires.

Baba wants us to transform these negative emotions; he tells us about our pure sanskars.

The key points Diane made were:
when a sanskar comes up with which we are battling, we need to look at the root of the sanskar. For example, there are many layers behind anger. We need to see these.

Anger is always something other than what it appears to be. The primary emotion may be fear, hurt, shame, feeling unsafe, and the anger which manifests is a secondary emotion. Only hurt people, hurt people. Opposites are arrogance and feeling disheartened. Of the two, arrogance takes more time to correct.

Today, due to religions creating a feeling of guilt, there is a greater number of people in the world feeling disheartened.

The key is always to go into the emotion, see what’s behind it, become aware of it, accept it. Don’t suppress. It will eat up your energy, your happiness, and it will build up and come out.
We have to take the negative sanskar and substitute something positive.
God’s love is the only thing that can erase your sanskars.
A positive emotion is realizing that Baba knows me inside and out, he loves me and he sees my beauty. In this realization we are not searching outside of ourselves for this love and appreciation from someone else.
Everyone has a fear of being abandoned. Through lust, or a relationship, we often abandon others. The result is,we also feel abandoned. This is at the root of the sadness we all have inside.
We need to see Maya coming; increase our awareness.

Sometimes our reactions can be quite out of proportion to a situation. This is because the sanskar that has been ignited has been with us for many births. To neutralize this we need to see what is behind it. For example, if I feel hurt because of someone’s behaviour, and the child within you is feeling ‘that person wasn’t nice to me’ then the answer is, be I have to be nice to everyone.
Sanskars come up to greet you so you can say good bye to them.

In Brahmin life, sometimes instead of changing from body-consciousness to soul consciousness we can change to “BK consciousness,” which is still ego, for example ‘I wear white; I am close to Dadi, I’ve been to Madhuban, etc, etc)

We need to be loving to ourselves and never scold the self. We all have a critical parent inside but we need to make it a nurturing parent. See your progress. Baba loves you. Baba chose you.

Meditate when you are happy! This builds up your power! Every time you’re positive with yourself, all the cells are getting neuropeptides of happiness.

As for ego, get a sense of humour about it. Just enjoy humility, which is a beautiful virtue. It pulls other virtues.
Guilt is natural. “Only bad people don’t feel guilty”. But in reality, guilt is only useful for five seconds!
Be careful and strict with yourself what of the old world I put in my mind. Be determined not to have waste thoughts. Substitute pure thoughts that are fun and give you pleasure.
Get rid of fear by remembering that Baba is my protector.
Get rid of anger by having respect for everyone else.
Get rid of disheartenment by having respect for yourself.
Wrap yourself in the cloak of love and let yourself be nurtured by Baba
Get to a place where we no longer take sorrow.
I know what I do. Baba knows what I do. I needn’t take any sorrow, ever.
Om Shanti

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Re: Classes by other BKs

Post by ermine » 16 Apr 2008

Om Shanti

This a great and remarkable words I have ever heard within this web forum "In Brahmin life, sometimes instead of changing from body-consciousness to soul consciousness we can change to “BK consciousness,” which is still ego, for example ‘I wear white; I am close to Dadi, I’ve been to Madhuban, etc, etc)"

Many thanks for this particular lectures' quotas.

Om Shanti

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