Classes by Dadi Janki

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Classes by Dadi Janki

Post by enlightened » 15 Apr 2008

13th April 2008 Dadi Janki Class in Shantivan

This day (Sunday) is for the Sun of Knowledge and the children who are the sons of that One. Today’s Murli is an Avyakt Murli that was spoken 40 years ago. Look at the change in time. First that One came from up above and then He made this one (Brahma Baba) to go beyond the physical (Avyakt). At that time He taught us such simple matters. He first said,
remember Alpha and then Beta (the Kingdom). Now, is the time to pass the Masters Degree.

The term Raj Rishi (royal renunciate) is very sweet. Who are we? Whilst living in the world we are Raj Rishis, the ones who are beyond everything but are loving at the same time. According to time many people’s eyes are now opening as to what Baba is making us into. Who teaches me and how He is teaching us will be revealed. I am a Brahma Kumari, not a Shiva Kumari. It is good to give straight Gyan rather than lectures that go into too much expansion. Our behavior will only change when my intellect becomes pure and elevated. By following Shrimat He has made me Satoguni – the one who can imbibe knowledge. If one is not Satoguni, then that one cannot imbibe knowledge.

That is why importance is given to Amrit Vela , Murli Class and Evening Yoga. It is only by paying attention to these do I begin to have Yoga. Then my intellect will become clean and clear. This will enable me to receive light and might. The essence of Gyan is to keep in one’s own awareness that “I am the direct child of that One who is the Seed”. Remember the sustenance that you have received from the Mother and Father.

In Bhakti there is a saying if you conquer the mind, you can conquer the world. It was only made clear after receiving knowledge that actually only by conquering Maya will you be able to conquer the world. Therefore, our efforts need to be done with honesty, happiness, power, love, sweetness, fearlessness and with no confusion. There is still a chance for those who want to come into the number one category to come.
Om Shanti

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