Who are the 'Ex-BKs'? Moment of Reflection

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Who are the 'Ex-BKs' Moment of Reflection

Post by fluffy bunny » 25 Apr 2008

Off topic andrey ... if you want to continue discussion start another topic. And clarify what your point is because I am not sure what it is.

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Re: Who are the 'Ex-BKs' Moment of Reflection

Post by andrey » 27 Apr 2008

No, no, it is not off topic. It is in topic. The topic is ex-BKs and what has been said is that ex-BKs are those who were in the Bk, knew about the knowledge etc. but did not do anything, or neglected, or even acted in opposite way. This is in topick. so i will continue here.

Offtopic: As long as you don't reveal your identity as adminitrator i will only see you as fellow member whose instructions i cannot obey. Although i very much think you to be the administrator, because of your active participation, because will anyone make a forum and not participate in it, but it is hard to reveal it, beause it will make a lot of difference. People will see some dualism. However.

This active ex-BK activity reaches such heights as publishing a death cerificate and saying like that
When they were exhausted they were abandoned by an organisation
at some other place that is something very new. It is very well known that people leave the BK and not the other way.

The honeymoon of being an ex-BK lasts even shorter than in the Bk, and it is seen they are just the same lost and confused people as anyone in the world. This temporary activism of acting like a shadow to the BK will only last shortly with no essence. To say, maybe the Murli is not true, to act like the bad consciousness, this role can be played always. These doubt can always exist.

Why are people of other practices not called ex. Because here they found, but they lost. It is not a big thing. Many also practice many practices and see it as just some practice. They gather adulterous knowledge from here and there.

ex-l says he has been vegetarian, pro celibacy, does it mean BK did not gave you anything? You liked to study Raja Yoga but you did not. It depends on you. Some do study. Some do benefit. It depends on you what you are to look at and take.

In the ex-BK view of the Bk there will be very less of knowledge, but a lot of personal opinion. A lot of mixture. Even the same knowledge will be there, but the emphasis will be on whether i think of it as true or false, the stress will be more on me. So to think about oneself is good, but to act collectively, to believe collectively is not necessary a wrong practice.

They say Bk is a doomsday cult, but i have a friend who is not a BK and sees with his own eyes - he says in 20 years there will be wars, starvation, just by listening to the news. I have an other friend who is not a BK, but does not doubt about the doom coming, but thinks technology will work some solution. When people have gone on the wrong path for so many years, why would they, and how will they awaken to change for the better. And many normal people are sure in the coming of hard times, although they may speak it or not, but why, how the ex-BK gain such hope in the future. It is only because their acts are reflective. They don't act with common sense, but out of some personal interest.

Amongs the ex-BK there are various peole as in the Bk and i think ex-BKs does not realise that by making general statements about the BK it hurts the feelings of many BKs who does not deserve it, but get washed with the common wave.

See the title of the site itself. It is just a shadow of the BK. Although there seem to be some unity, this unity that is united arround the idea to reveal the dark side, to ruin etc. is not unity and will not last long. It is just a chimera BK cares and it matters what we do here. They are going their own way. Indirectly this site is dedicated to them, however they are even not allowed to come and protect themselves, protect their name and honor. It only seems they are invited and even encouraged. Are people here ready to discuss? Are they ready to extend a hand of cooperation? Are they ready to go to the Bk, to make a step towards them, or is it just fine if they remain the enemy?

In our normal life we would not leave a friend and never call. We can make and maintain relationships that last for life. There are no ex-frineds in our life, but here people that has been even more close then a firend, that has been lust like your brother, they become ex-brothers. It is only due to some irrational fear that the ex-BKs escape, run away and close themselves. Why do they fear? Will the BK blackmail them or chase them with the intention to kill them. They have created and inspire in others some twisted picture of the BK whilst in fact they are normal people there, even maybe more normal then the normal ones.

Maybe because they had expected something else and had creted some impractical, impossible, imaginary very high image that had collapsed, so their hope collapsed. But has any ex-BK ever tried to go to the BK to make firends or do they remain just the enemy. Or we can even make friend with the enemy. Why should we, one cn say, but it is because it is not good to have enemies or to remain with ill feeling towards anyone.

If one puts in front the suicice, rape, child abuse, financial abuse, indoctrination, domination, control, anger etc. If we take these things in percentage to the whole, the cases of suicide, abuse etc, if we take the percentage of such cases compared to the whole of the Bk world, and compare it with the cases or suicice etc in the outside world, what will the digits say. Probably they will say that still Bk world is many times more better world then the outside world.

Other point they say - it is a Hindu thing. They like to have some universal thing. They will complain it is Hindu thing. They will not have universal vision themselves, they will not have religious opennes and tolerance, but will complain. For them, Hindu will be equal to some bad word, something low class, otherwise they will pretend to be very broad and open minded.

The Bk is not the right thing, they will say. They will know only what is not right. They had know it since a long time. When they got what is right then they thought in the same old way. However they even thought that this is the right thing, so this is the mistery of how one can change, but one does not change by a mistery. Lost faith in some place means gained faith somewhere else. As if they are more happy in the outside world. They failed, but they don't act as failures. In fact there is no failure till we accept defeat. But they accept defeat. They say we were misleaded, we were blind etc. Otherwise they just gave up and started thinking whatever they did went to waste.

For those who never lose that they found God in the Bk, in the basic knowledge. We thought like this, is not it? Feelings we had, experiences etc, they were real. For us, this was God at that time. Now as BK we even found the real God. What is better then this. If this happiness to not be the real God, we will find the one who is even more real. Who knows one day we may found the true. But it is just due to some slackness that one steps away and stops and it is a shame of one ascribes it to some other reasons. Because we see sounds of hope that I am fee, I am free (from the Bk world) just in the beginning to start with. Then the same old, flow of life continues, that does not bring so much happiness.

Where do we go from here was the question. If we knew why would we ask and wonder. We did not know that's why we thought in the BK there are answers. We cannot manage ourselves. If we could we would. We need someting. We need Shrimat, guidance otherwise we are lost, but we need the real Shrimat and guidance that in following we will really feel that we are getting benefited. If one can live such a life at every step on his own then congratulations to him. He has made it. For the rest some or the other flow has left.

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: ex-BK. Interested in historical revisionism, failed predictions and abuse within the BK movement.

Re: Who are the 'Ex-BKs'? Moment of Reflection

Post by fluffy bunny » 27 Apr 2008

Yes, enlightened, I agree and empathise that learning to live again in the real world is like going through a second childhood.

Our bones were not broken by falling 5 floors from lust. Our bones were broken by the BK system and leaving the delusional state only made us realise this. It takes time and assistance to heal, then I say years in rehabilitation to become fully functional. And, yes, that means functionally "normal", just a human being able to face all the usual human frailties and uncertainties without the need to be a god or angel.

I was (just) a so-called adult when I joined and left. But, to be honest, being an adult is not that much different from being a child. Many adults still are children, just bigger and able to do more damage. For an adult it was like "dying alive" once to join the BKs (killing off the worldly and all the lokik connections), then dying alive AGAIN to become an "ex-BK". There was no book, no therapist, no peers to support you. One lacks so many of the necessary parts to function in the real world ... plus one carries the extra burdens of "the missing years" being in a crazy cult (from the world view) AND still had the illusionary fears and DESTRUCTION bearing down upon your mind at all times.

In my time, Destruction was mid-1980s. It was without a doubt liberating but one was also utterly alone. There were no forums such as this one and little by the way of support for ex-cult members. At that time the cult versus anti-cult movement was in full swing. Things are better now.

Now, please excuse me for a moment ...

( admin note - personal communication moved off forum )

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Re: Who are the 'Ex-BKs'? Moment of Reflection

Post by bluesky » 27 Apr 2008

To me, ex-BKs are people who have awaken from the clutches of hegemony ...

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Re: Who are the 'Ex-BKs'? Moment of Reflection

Post by alladin » 27 Apr 2008

... and total control over people's minds, bodies and private lives.

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