A free and moneyless society

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Re: A free and moneyless society

Post by john morgan » 25 Jun 2008

John wrote:The people who shout loudest do not believe in God, or at least God through the BK organisation. So this is a situation where those who do not believe are telling those that do believe how to believe. Unbelievable!
Tom wrote:You are surprizing me Chai Bhai, i am considering you as a Gyani soul with wisdom. This quote above is not a point. It is an insult which one should never make to anybody.
Just a small commentary on the above. The reason I wrote what I wrote was that I saw what I wrote. If there is truth in what I wrote how could it be interpreted as an insult? If it enters the mind of one who deals in insults it could be of course interpreted on that level. Let the goose stew in its own juice.

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Re: A free and moneyless society

Post by fluffy bunny » 25 Jun 2008

mbbhat wrote:Since BK is a non-profit organization and does not accept donations from outside.
That is a ridiculous lie mbbhat. Go read this forum. How long have you been in Gyan anyway?

That is just the propaganda. The BKWSU/Dadis are constantly accepting money from non-BKs and looking for it. Government money etc.

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