Knowledge, ShivBaba, Purity.

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Knowledge, ShivBaba, Purity.

Post by sachkhand » 17 May 2009

AUM Shanti.
I am starting this new thread, which I feel is very interesting to churn.

We talk about and think over the spiritual knowledge.
And we consider the spiritual knowledge given by ShivBaba as authentic or 100% true and reliable.
Our aim is to be pure, because purity is the key to peace and prosperity.

Knowledge, ShivBaba and Purity are three important aspects of Brahmin life. We are striving to attain them.
But the question is, how to attain?
One of the three aspects is the key to attain the other two. But which is the key or the cause and which are effects of it?

1) Knowledge: Through knowledge can we attain ShivBaba and Purity? Which knowledge? Knowledge of the soul i.e., ourselves and the knowledge of the Supreme Soul. If we get 10% or 25% or 70% or 95% or 99.99% of the knowledge is it useful to attain the other two? We have completed almost 99.9999%of the circuit but there is discontinuity of 0.0001mm in the circuitry, can we check the source of power for example a battery cell whether it is charged or discharged and see the light? No.
So, unless our knowledge is complete the knowledge is useles and instead half knowledge can be dangerous. As we can see in the forum. How we are nurturing our ego with our incomplete knowledge. We are more interested in arguing than understanding, more interested in mocking rather than learning from others experience and ideas. Are we real students?
If we are knowledgeful then we should also know ShivBaba for sure and also we should become pure.

2) ShivBaba: The Supreme Soul. Is He the key or cause for attaining the knowledge and purity? What difference is their between our efforts for knowledge and efforts for ShivBaba? Are they not one and the same. I think there is a vast difference. How?
It is just like trying to know who is finance minister of the state, and trying to have some relation with him.
Having relation of Love (love can be of Father, mother, brother, sister, child, freind, teacher, master, fiancee, etc.,) with ShivBaba is different from just knowing physical personality of ShivBaba. Their cannot be love without having faith.
Is their necessity to know physical form i.e., physical body structure or physical personality to have relation with ShivBaba?
I think no. It is not necessary. Although this is a Hindi film song and a worldly example, I would like to give it: (Actually I had another song of "Dilwaale dulhaniya Lejayenge" film in my mind (song: meri khabooon mein jo aaye) to write where a teenager remebers her unknown fiancee; I was trying to remember it but the following song came to my mind from nowhere, I had no idea of this.)
"Jara saamne to aaao chhaliye,
chhup chhup chhalane mein kya raaz hai,
yoon chup na sakega Paramatma,
meri aatma ki yah aawaaj hai.

If our heart starts beating for that unknown (but The Actual Reality), with faith in Him, then surely we will attain Him. And then He will make us Knowledgeful and Pure.

3) Purity: A very necessary attribute of Brahmin life. But what is purity and how to attain it. Is purity the key to attain Knowledge and ShivBaba?
I think yes. Purity can be the key to attain knowledge and ShivBaba.
By purity I mean truthfulness. We need to be true to ourself first. The resolve of Truthfulness makes our mind and intellect to act in the path of Truth. Our intellect will give way to True existence i.e., soul and mind will identify true love i.e., The Love of The Supreme Soul and thus ShivBaba.

I think following any one of the three i.e., knowledge, ShivBaba or Purity with sincerity in our efforts will make us attain all the three.

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Re: Knowledge, ShivBaba, Purity.

Post by mbbhat » 22 May 2009

sachkhand wrote: I think following any one of the three i.e., knowledge, ShivBaba or Purity with sincerity in our efforts will make us attain all the three.
I also believe this.

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