Baba's Hope

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Baba's Hope

Post by sachkhand » 12 May 2009

AUM Shanti.
Avyakt BapDada: 09/03/2009
BapDada has seen that very good couples are ready, but you have still not fulfilled Baba's hope. What is that hope? To make a Mahamandleshwar (a guru) bow down at your feet because you people can easily fail them. Tell them: You people say that that is not possible whereas we have achieved that easily. You can make them bow down with the authority of your experience for only then will the God of the Gita also be revealed. Couples have this power. When those people become weak, they will begin to accept everything. BapDada likes it that the couples can perform great wonders.
I have started this new very iteresting thread where we will discuss about the hope of Baba. BapDada wants His children to have authority of experience. And what is that experience? The experience of natural state of Purity even while remaining in household. And what will this reveal? This will reveal The God of Gita. So very interesting. No need to debate and quote Murli points, no need to give long explantions and clarifications to Murli points. Words will not do. Arguements will not help. BEING PURE will reveal The God of Gita.

Anyone who wants to share his/her ideas or thoughts on this are welcome. And an important request to all. Please do not tell what X or Y says about this. Please write your true feelings and experiences. What 'you think' about the hope of Baba and how does natural state of being Pure reveal The God of Gita? And if we have not acheived that state, then how can we acheive it. No need to debate or argue on what X person says or Y person says. Just what your experience says. And just be true to yourself.
Every child of Baba wants to reveal Him. BapDada has shown the way to reveal Baba. Being 'Naturally Pure'. :cool:

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Re: Baba's Hope

Post by mbbhat » 12 May 2009

sachkhand wrote: 1)What 'you think' about the hope of Baba and 2)how does natural state of being Pure reveal The God of Gita? 3)And if we have not acheived that state, then how can we acheive it.
1)Hope of Baba is to make all pure and prove that God of Gita is Incorporeal ShivBaba and not SriKrsihna. Since Gita is highest scripture, and concept of Bhagavaanuvaach is present only in Gita, Baba aims at Gita. If that puzzle is cleared then everything is cleared.

2)Aim of Gita is to become pure. It says, sacrifice body consciousness, surrender to me(God), your all sins will be burnt. Gita says to sacrifice each and every vice. It directs to follow purity in thought, speech and action. God alone is Purifier. Without God's company(remembrance) nothing can be purifed naturally. [Of course, punishment it is possible]. So purity will automatically reveal God.

3)Vairagya(Dis interest) and abhyaasa(practice). In another word, attention and practice.

Attention is not to be influenced by anything that is pure

Practice is to have the company of pure things.

Impure things are impure body and hell. So one has to forget/detach from this.

Pure things are ShivBaba, Shantidham and sukhdham. One should try to have remembrance of at least one of these things at any time.

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