Badge of ShivBaba

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Badge of ShivBaba

Post by john » 26 Mar 2009

Sakar Murli 2009/03/23 Revised
The badge too is very good, but you children don't value the badge. Continue to explain this and you can earn a lot of income. This badge is such that you can keep it pinned on your chest and explain: This is Baba and He gives you your inheritance through this Brahma.
Many times in Murli a badge is mentioned and how it is very good and can be used for service.
What is this badge that BKs used to wear at this time?

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Re: Badge of ShivBaba

Post by arjun » 28 Mar 2009

"Meera Krishna say saakshaatkaar may dance karti thi. Vah tha Bhaktimarg. Yahaan Bhaktimarg kee baat nahin. Tum toh Vaikunth may practical may jaakar rajya bhagya karengey. Bhaktimarg may sirf saakshaatkaar hota hai. Is samay tum bachhon ko aim object ka sakshaatkaar hota hai, jaantey ho hum yah (arthaat Lakshmi Narayan) banengey. Bachhon ko bhool jaata hai isliye badge diye jaatey hain." (BKs dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli taareekh 25.7.05, page 2)

• "Meera used to dance with Krishna in divine vision. That was path of worship. Here, there is no question of path of worship. You will practically go and rule over Vaikunth, i.e. heaven. In the path of worship people only have divine vision. Now you children have the divine vision of aim and objective. You know that we will become this (i.e. Lakshmi Narayan). Children forget. That is why badges are given." (Revised Sakar Murli dated 25.07.05, page 2 published by BKs)

"Tumko yah Lakshmi-Narayan ka chitra dekhkar bahut khushi honi chaahiye. Isliye Baap nay kahaa hai yah Lakshmi-Narayan, Trimurti ka badge va medal jeib may daal doh. Ghadi-ghadi pocket say nikaal kar dekho. Oho! ham toh yah ban-ney vaaley hain. Bahut khushi hogi. Auron ko bhi dikhakar khush karo ki ham yah ban rahey hain. Dekhney say khushi hogi." (BKs dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli taareekh 02.12.06, pg 4)

“You must feel elated by looking at this picture of Lakshmi-Narayan. That is why Father has said that put this badge or medal of Lakshmi-Narayan, Trimurti in your pocket. Take it out of the pocket every moment and look at it. Oho! I am going to become this. You would feel very joyful. Make others also happy by showing it to others and telling them that we are becoming this. One would feel happy by looking at it.” (Revised Sakar Murli dated 02.12.06, pg.4 published by BKs)
John wrote:What is this badge that BKs used to wear at this time?
As per the above Murlis and also as per the pictures of Dadis wearing badges, the BKs during the time of Brahma Baba used to wear badges with Trimurti on the one side and Lakshmi-Narayan on the other.

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