Points on the Incorporeal Home

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Points on the Incorporeal Home

Post by john » 03 Mar 2009

The Father says to you children, numberwise, according to the effort you make: You must also be remembering the incorporeal world, numberwise. You children must also be remembering that, originally, you are residents of the land of peace and that you then go to the land of happiness. You probably understand this inside you. It is also in your intellect how this world cycle turns from the time you come down from the incorporeal world.
Here, it is saying we must be remembering the Incorporeal home, then it explains how the incorporeal home is the place we come down from.
Yet PBKs say the incorporeal home is the Chariot.

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Re: Points on the Incorporeal Home

Post by andrey » 03 Mar 2009

There is no contradiction. There is definitely a place from where we come and where we all go. Still through the Chariot we experience the atmosphere. We remember whatever we have felt. We feel whilst we are in this corporeal world. There is probably no memory in the incorporeal home. So all souls experience this stage whilst in the world, this is the reason God comes, to establish peace in the world and then happiness. We experience both whilst in this corporeal word. Anyway the incorporeal world is there.

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