Importance of Study

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Importance of Study

Post by john » 07 Jan 2009

Sakar Murli 2002/12/01 Revised
when someone has the part of trance sometimes and they say, "Mama came in So-and-so", or "Baba came in So-and-so", that too is Maya. You have to move along very cautiously. You have to understand from the way a person speaks. Some have the evil spirit of Maya in them and then they say: Shiv Baba has come and is speaking the Murli. It is Maya who creates all these obstacles. Many become traitors. Many deceive Baba in this way. You have to protect yourself from all these things. You have to pay full attention to the study. Otherwise Maya will distress you a great deal. Many storms will come.
As you progress further and you see that time is very close, you will also busy yourself in studying day and night.

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Re: Importance of Study

Post by shivshankar » 23 Jan 2009

Maya is not something else, it's just our mind, our thoughts and desires. All we should do to conquer so called "Maya" is control of thoughts. Of our own thoughts. If I can control my desires (my mind) and make realised choice (to perform or not each thought into reality) a can move forward in spiritual progress easily. Otherwise "Maya" (just desires of my mind) will pull me in different directions.

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Re: Importance of Study

Post by andrey » 23 Jan 2009

I think study does not mean only to study knowledge. Yaad, seva, dharna are included in study. It is said we have to have full marks in each subject and in all subjects most important is Yaad. I think subjects are interconnected. There cannot be Yaad without knowledge, no seva without dharna etc. If we improve one subject, others improve.

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