Buddhists (and other religions according to AIVV)

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Re: Buddhists (and other religions according to AIVV)

Post by mbbhat » 05 Nov 2016

There is an experience of Dadi Prakashmani. I am not sure whether I have read this in BK literature or heard in senior's class. In that experinece, Dadai Prakashmani says-

During last days, (mostly within the 10 days of Brahma Baba becoming Avyakt), Brahma baba had taken me (Dadi Prakashmani) for a full round of the Yagya (physically = pooraa yagyakaa syer/sair karaayaa). Baba then asked me- "Beti, samjho Baba ek taraf baithay hain, Kyaa tum Yagya ko sambhaal kar sakoge?"
= Daughter, suppose Baba sits on one side (in a place aside, by himself), will you be able to take care of the Yagya?

And- just during the last few minutes of B Baba actually leaving his mortal coil, B Baba gave powerful drushti for some minutes to Dadi Prakashmani, while holding her hand, LOVINGLY, in his hand. After a few moments, Brahma Baba's hand became limp in her hand, and his eye-lids closed.
Thus the Power and Charge of the entire Yagya was conveyed to Dadi Prakashmani by Shiv Baba & Brahma Baba or BapDada - Shiv Baba, through the POWERFUL drushti, and Brahma Baba, through the physical support of his Hand. This experience has been personally related by Dadi Prakashmani several times, during visit of various groups of Brahmins in Madhuban, at Mt Abu.

Thus, the various FALSE ALLEGATIONS and SPECULATIONS made by the BLIND PBKs, under the SPITEFUL instigation of their STUPID bodily 'guru', -Virendra Dev Dixit, are TOTALLY baseless, contemptuous and MALA FIDE!

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