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Re: Queries to PBKs by mbbhat

Post by mbbhat » 02 Mar 2017

1) In Bhakti, snakes are also worshiped. There are quite a number of statues of snakes in some temples which are worshiped. PBKs believe Bhakti pictures or yaadgars are almost right.
What do they give explanation to this? Is snake worship worthy?

2) In Bhakti, ABHISHEK(pouring of milk, water, etc) is done on Shivling. What is the significance of this- in PBK view?

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Re: Queries to PBKs by mbbhat

Post by sita » 04 Apr 2017

Snakes are not worship worthy, what is worship worthy is what they symbolize. They refer to certain human beings. Like when there is worship of idols or stones, or trees, neither idols, nor stones, nor trees are worship worthy, but what they represent is worship worthy.

Baba has said that those who make effort, memorials are made to them. Like Shankar makes effort. He is incomplete, he is making the effort to stay in remembrance, so there is memorial for him. Then it is said that we worship our past perfect form, so Shankar is also shown in front of the Shivling.

For the snakes, Baba has said they are such beings that swim up, against the current of the river, it is making effort to go up, to confront and to not care about the public opinion.

Snakes are also said to be vicious and there is snake over the neck of Shankar. Snake is also protecting Vishnu. Such vicious souls who come in the company of the elevated souls of Vishnu and Shankar will no doubt also become elevated.

Snakes are also those who are leaving their skin. They are making effort to leave the skin of body-consciousness, so there is memorial for them.

Water that is poured over the Shivling is water of knowledge or milk of knowledge that human beings give to the corporeal one in the beginning when he enters the path of knowledge.

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