Has Virendra Dev Dixit become Father to a child?

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Re: Has Veerendra Dev Dixit become Father to a child?

Post by shivsena » 05 Jun 2009

sachkhand wrote:Will you please clarify what Kamala Devi meant by not changing the Chariot?
It means that keeping the present Chariot the same as before, she is ready to listen to any manthan with reference to Murli points. All other break-away groups like Vishnu Party and others have no faith in the present Chariot Baba dixit and have proclaimed other chariots to reveal God ShivBaba. She is not ready for that.
Does she beleive that Veerendra Dev Dixit is The Personified GodFather or The practical form of God Shiv? And soul of Veerendra Dev Dixit is ShivBaba i.e., combination of Nirakar Shiv and Sakar as explained in AIVV?
I did not discuss her present stand as regards the above, after she left the Yagya and settled in lokik life, so i am not able to disclose her beliefs at present.


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Re: Has Veerendra Dev Dixit become Father to a child?

Post by sachkhand » 07 Jun 2009

AUM Shanti.
Dear Shivsena, thank you for answering.
I think this thread has come to an end. I think Kamala Devi has full faith in Virendra Dev Dixit and considers him as ShivBaba. And hence my assumption is false.
It would have been better if Shivsena had written about his meeting with Kamala Devi earlier and about her beleifs. Anyway, atleast now I got answer from someone who is confident in writing has seen and what he feels.
I thank all those who supported this thread even though they got hurt due to this thread. But I think this thread has made clear, atleast for me, about doubt I had for Kamala Devi leaving the yagnya. Even though still now I do not consider Virendra Dev Dixit as ShivBaba, I have no right to question anyone else' beleif. :neutral:
Truth will be revealed at the right time. :D


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