Accurate remembrance

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Re: Accurate remembrance

Post by arjun » 01 May 2011

shivsena wrote:Which is this sukhdham and shanti dham we have to remember ??
Who is this Father and sweet home which we have to remember ??
This is once again a proof of how shivsena Bhai is desperately trying to be in limelight by repeating same questions. I think he very recently asked roy Bhai about living home and we quoted Murli points. Yet, he once again posted the same question changing the word 'living home' to 'sweet home'. However, I am repeating the same point for his kind information:
“ShivBaba also says that I initially explain to this one (corporeal Brahma). This is ShivBaba's living home. First of all this one (Brahma) learns. Then the adopted children are learning from him numberwise. These are very deep matters. The bestower of true salvation, the purifier of the sinful ones comes Himself and explains all these secrets. It is not that he gives inspiration from there. He comes here.” (Revised Sakar Murli dated 23.02.07, pg.2 published by BKs)

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