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Re: Hello everybody

Post by fluffy bunny » 07 Apr 2008

Sounds like all manmat to me then ...

That is the problem with the BKWSU these days. They just cant get the same quality of surrendered souls that they used to. Things are going down hill ... :) .

Ermine, loosen up. We are going to x-ray you to find out what BK aliens you have inside you. It wont hurt. My concern is that, all though you want to kick ex-BK ass, you just really don't know much about the whole BK thing. It looks good from the outside ... not quite the same from the inside.

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Re: Hello everybody

Post by paulkershaw » 07 Apr 2008

I need to interject here and add a comment (or two). Ermine, you seem to have your own 'aggressive' (albeit be it subtle) agenda of insisting that ex-l is being aggressive toward the BKWSU. Please do not confuse 'aggression' with 'determination' - in my own experience, the BKWSU need to be accountable for many things that they have created and are holding onto, and that they (as a group) refuse to answer to/for.

Every coin has three sides. And not every side is clean and shiny despite what it may feel like as it sits in your pocket. I do not think it accurate to think of anyone as being aggressive, when logical, practical and moral determination is being brought into play and whilst I personally welcome any comment on this forum, I also understand that what is seen on the surface is not what lies underneath. If you don't enjoy such a direct and determined approach then I'd suggest that you are probably judging someone's personality and in my book that sure ain't Zen-like. At any rate "Zen" is only a concept, and it only comes into being when one practices it from a deepr perspective.

In my opinion and experience, deep and consistent spiritual practice brings sweetness and nobility, but it also should also bring direct and logical behaviour into being, there's just not need to waste time any longer on trying to be something one is not. I'd like to know please; are you perceiving me as being aggressive, when, in fact, I am only being direct?

Allow yourelf to "vibrate" to a higher level of understanding and try understand that not everyone wants to conform or will allow themselves to conform to a perceived and illogical 'need' by some group/people/society/person/chief for someone/everyone to behave in the same way in order for that person/those peopl to feel good about themselves ... Adonai.

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