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john morgan
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Post by john morgan » 30 Nov 2007

I'd very much like to know what you all think about the creation process.

One way of looking at the knowledge that everyone here has studied is that it teaches one how to think. As one learns to control one's thoughts more strength comes. Thoughts are the creation process. From thoughts attitudes and actions arise. The BK way of thinking is spiritual. As one nears the source of thought, thinking is more powerful. Greater flexibility in choosing one's thoughts, attitudes and actions grows along with the ability to manifest thoughts more quickly. No one is isolated and no one is stuck, though it can sometimes seem that way. Even conforming can be a fully conscious and deliberate choice.

Dealing with others is a creative process also. The balancing act of creating a response to the world as well as giving the world something to respond to requires great intelligence experience and Wisdom.

Everyone meditates, life is a meditation that some are good at it and others are learning. I like very much the knowledge of The Cycle, it seems to say that at least, potentially, everything is in me. This understanding gives me a lot of strength and a wide universal perspective from which to create. It needs thinking about. Say I don't have a quality that I desire and I understand that what I put my attention on grows. Say I require patience then thinking, "I take my time and make everything clear" begins the process of unfolding patience within me.

I practice paying full attention to what others are saying, they feel this, and the world changes a little - hopefully for the better but more importantly, from my own perspective, I take my time and make everything clear for me. So meditation and thought are creative processes. Many persons think they are just the way they are at this moment - they think there is nothing more.

I was and still am to some extent a rabbit caught in headlights unable to merge the mindset I have created and think is me. But as strength grows the possibility of infinite changes in the whole of my creation seems perhaps very near. The mind is for creation not just commentary.

For me, this knowledge is part of a teach yourself course in making a better life. Introspection is a must. Yes, it was good to have classes and teachings but undigested food gives discomfort and worse constipation. Woe betide the poor soul with a corrugated colon!

Baba is merciful, he would never teach me about something I could not with full effort attain. So, for me, the process of creation consists of self examination and recreation of myself. If I get distracted into finding fault with others it may take a long time for me to again understand that the little point of light which is my aim is within my reach. To take one thought and become that is magic. Wisdom and discipline are required. Realisation of the highest is the aim of life.

How you see creation is of great interest to me please respond.

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bro neo
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Post by bro neo » 30 Nov 2007

To create is to be a God.

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