God to visit BKWSU HQ India in Person

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God to visit BKWSU HQ India in Person

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted October 23rd, 2007

God, seen above being personally fed by BK Global Chief Dadi Janki, will enter into and speak through the body of Brahma Kumaris’ medium Hirday Mohini (or BK Gulzar) whilst visiting the BKWSU HQ in India on his regular annual visits.

The dates given for His visits, known as “Baba’s Season”, are;
  • 15 Oct 2007
    31 Oct 2007
    20 Nov 2007
    15 Dec 2007
    31 Dec 2007
    18 Jan 2008
    02 Feb 2008
    18 Feb 2008
    05 Mar 2008
    18 Mar 2008
    02 Apr 2008
The meetings on 15 and 31 Oct, 31 Dec, 18 Feb, and 05 and 18 March are generally set aside for Western BK followers.

In a process known in the non-BK world as “channelling”, BK sister Gulzar is said to leave her body and go into trance in another world while God and the Founder of the organization Lekhraj Kriapalani possesses it. In this manner, God is able to meet, speak and be consulted by the Brahma Kumari followers. BKs also believe that their human founder is the Father of all Humanity, or Adam, and became perfect and equal to God shortly before his death by heart attack in 1969.

These channelled messages, called “Avyakt Murlis”, are then circulated around BK centers worldwide. A closed circuit, encrypted video transmission is also provided for acceptable individuals and centers via “Baba on Line” internet service. Non-BKs are generally not told about these meetings with God, nor the purpose of all faithful BKs going on their annual retreat to Madhuban Headquarters. A retreat which the BK follower must follow full disciplines for 6 months or a year and be given permission by their center-in-charge before being allowed to go.

Only rare VIPs are invited to meet God and even they are generally unaware of the significance, as with the Indian President Pratibha Patil who earlier this year caused controversy after speaking in public about her “meeting with the ghost of Lekhraj Kripalani“.

Little did she know, that according to the Brahma-kumaris, she was also meeting with Supreme Soul God Shiva as well.

God’s has been performing this ‘double act’ feat since 1969. His location or activities on the other 354 days of the year, or who looks after business whilst He is busy with the Brahma-kumaris, is unaccounted for.
santosh says: November 20th, 2007

Please send BapDada Avatarnmurli Hindi lanuage

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