Open letter to the BKWSU (I)

For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Open letter to the BKWSU (I)

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

Posted August 21st, 2007

A reply to emails from a director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and her group of advisors, including BKs Gayatri Naraine, Judy Rodgers, Maureen Goodman, Neville Hodgkinson, Veronica McHugh and others, in which is set out a preliminary set of questions and requests.

Following discussion in the support forum, here, members decided on the basis of past experience, and the undemocratic nature of both the organisation and its request, to refuse a closed door meeting with the BKWSU leadership and instead carry on an open and documented correspondence where all views could be represented directly.

A number of important issues are raised regarding the leadership’s “Duty of Care” to its followers and tendency of historical revisionism. Where there is doubt, confirmation is requested that the leadership’s actions are in accordance with the directions of the supreme authority within the BKWSU, the channelled spirits or entities the Brahma Kumaris believes to be God and their deceased founder Lekhraj Kripalani and with whom they consort via their mediums such as Sister Jayanti herself.

Reply sent to BKWSU core group 17 Aug 07

Thank you for the email from Jayanti Kirpalani dated 12 Aug 2007 in which she declines to set out the position of the BKWSU, provide an agenda of the issues she wishes to raise and clarify what her or the BKWSU’s objectives were in meeting. We hope that she and her group of advisors realise that there is, in the first place, a need for the BKWSU leadership to visibly re-establish trust. Forum members congratulate her on her courage, extend a warm welcome to her on a personal level, look forward to the chance to discuss aspects of knowledge with her and create unity.

In order to re-establish trust, and to offer the BKWSU leadership an opportunity make amends, the following specific questions are raised;

from original BKWSU created and published materials, letters to VIPs and teaching aids, it would appear that there is no mention of the soul we call Shiva from the time of the retirement of Lekhraj Kripalani in 1932 until some point after 1949. How, when and in what circumstance was Shiva revealed and incorporated to the BKWSU’s theodicy?
from original BKWSU created and published materials, both Jagdish Chander and Om Radhe have in original documents suggested that Lekhraj Kripalani was his early to mid 50s in 1938, could you please confirm his date of birth as accurately as possible?
from original BKWSU created and published materials collated over decades, there is incontrovertible evidence that the BKWSU has engaged in a policy of re-writing both its history and philosophy. Is the BKWSU leadership committed to correcting this, ensuring that all current and future BKs are properly informed?
on what grounds does the BKWSU leadership claim copyright over the versions of God or under what license does it agree to publishing of the versions of God?
on what grounds does the BKWSU leadership give rights to the use of Gyan in making money businesses?
on what grounds has the BKWSU leadership engaged in the increasing sanctification of senior Sisters and Brahma Baba, the use of Lekhraj Kripalani’s image and is this inline with current Shrimat from BapDada?

The following requests are made;

that the leadership of the BKWSU provide the most complete copy of the oldest and most original Sakar and Avyakt Murlis and Divine Decrees in English and Hindi, and accounts in detail for any missing year. These are requested in two forms: pdf, so as to avoid any criticism that anyone is changing the original text; and text, so that they can be assembled into an quickly and easily searchable database as demonstrated on the website. It would appear that the BKWSU already has these the majority of these resources already available.
that the leadership of the BKWSU publicly provide copies of all rules, regulations and by-laws pertaining to the running and membership of the BKWSU and notes of all responsible incorporated governing bodies internationally and that these are made easily available to BKs and members of the public at all Raja Yoga centers and via the corporate websites.
that the leadership of the BKWSU expresses a commitment to immediately stopping the incidents of violence and religious suppression carried out against members of splinter groups counter to their human rights and ensures their personal safety at BKWSU events.
that the leadership of the BKWSU expresses a commitment to making a full disclosure of the likely effects of joining the BKWSU to the families of new members and provides such information at all Raja Yoga centers and via the corporate websites to include note of the previous failures in the prediction of Destruction.
that the leadership of the BKWSU expresses a commitment to removing all fictional elements and inaccuracies from its multimedia and resists from further propagating unsubstantiated claims, such as with the Dadi Janki incident and others.
that the leadership of the BKWSU express a commitment to establishment an independent ombudsman service to provide confidential and impartial assistance to the variety of BKWSU members, their friends and families who have concerns, conflicts, complaints or disputes arising from or affecting their participation in the BKWSU.
Where the leadership of the BKWSU chooses to decline these questions and requests, could it please confirm that it has requested confirmation and that this course of action is accordance with Shrimat received from BapDada.

Where contentions exist, the moderators of do request members to establish a reasonable balance of probability but these these will remain confidential unless instructed by the individuals providing them.

With respect to the repeated use of the prediction of World Destruction and the courting of VIPs, forum members note with concern and are investigating the financial pressures being placed on BKs both in India and the West.

Thank you

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