Today India, Tomorrow the World; a 2,500 Year Rule

For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Today India, Tomorrow the World; a 2,500 Year Rule

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted July 16th, 2007

With PR and political networking rather than aid or development as the cornerstones of their life of “service”, the Brahma Kumaris have considerable political ambitions. And it is this that their followers also fund, with their financial donations and free labor.

According to the guiding spirit that they consider to be God Shiva, the Brahma Kumaris are to rule the world for 2,500 years starting in approximately 30 years time. Believing that the Sub-Contininent is soon to decay into civil war and chaos, they claim the Indian Government will be the first to fall into their control. Only they, the BKWSU, being able to institute any order.

Amidst a wave of erroneous media reporting, and fudging of the facts, the BKs are all a flutter as the Indian Presidential candidate Rajput Pratibha Patil, present governor of Rajasthan and handmaiden to the Gandhis, was invited to Mount Abu headquarters. There she met and “took benefit from” what she thought was the ghost of their deceased “godman” Lekhraj Kripalani, through the medium called Hirday Mohini (aka BK Gulzar).

In fact, as all BKs believe, it was not only the spirit of the deceased merchant but the combined form of both their founder Kripalani and what they call the “Supreme Soul” or God. Kripalani, believed to be God Brahma and soon to reincarnate a Krishna, is said to be completely perfected. Medium Gulzar channels both his spirit and at the same time a second spirit named “Shiva”, after the Hindu God of Destruction. Details the Brahma Kumaris were duplicitously happy enough to have fluffed over using the term “Baba” for both.

Is this a sign of the ‘end times’ and the onset of the promised dynastic rule, a Golden Age in which the obedient BKs alone will enjoy heaven on Earth and their leaders become Kings and Emperors? Perhaps. But perhaps earnest BKs, and those politicians that court them, should be reminded of the similar failures in their predictions that have followed them from Pakisthan since World War II, 1950, 1976, Year 2000 and so on.

One is left wondering if the entire charade of VIPs being led by the nose, not knowing what they are doing, is for the VIPs’ benefit or for the benefit of the BKWSU leadership used, as it is, to sustain their position in the mind’s eye or their followers and financial supporters. And why God Shiva favors individuals facing their own controversies in banking, business and murder scandals with blessings.

*The “Ghost”, or channelled entity that the BKs claim to be God, repeatedly instructs BK through his medium to find VIP “mikes” - short for microphones - to broadcast the BK message to the world. “VIP service”, the hunt for VIPs done via special invited dinners, through the United Nations and at considerable expense, is strongly rewarded within the BK social structure.
Peter says: July 27th, 2007

I don’t think that the BK will serve food not made by themselves.

I have to leave my name here. No problem. But who wrote this stuff? All that is written have no value if the source is unknown. For example: The failure in their predictions. Can you prove that the knowledge from Baba that this Confluence Age is of a duration of 100 years was previously otherwise? I know the BK for 17 years and I know that no true BK would have said in this 17 year long period that Destruction would be in 2000. NO WAY! Because what you call “the end times” are in fact transition times. In a way you can say that ‘Destruction’ is going on right now. And while some parts of the world will be swept away there will be a small (and hidden) part from where establishment of the pure age will start to grow. It’s a process and you cannot fix a date on that.

Although Shiv Baba sometimes like to use firm figures. I have the inclination to be very litteral. And from that I remember that the Confluence Age started in 1936. So it will end in 2036 with the coronation of Lakshmi and Narayan. Narayan will be 30 years of age at that time and so he has to be born in 2006 as Krishna, his first name. That is what I remember from the Murli’s that I heard in the nineties. But I hear nothing from that! Not a word about Shiva Baba and Brahma Baba leaving each other and Shiva alone speaking the Murli and Brahma incarnated (after 38 year being an angel) as Krishna. I don’t know what I have to think about it. I stop thinking ...
admin says: July 27th, 2007

Please read over the History forum in our discussion forum for references to this discussion;

The historical revision of both the history of the BKWSU and the messages from their god are well documented by individuals with wider and longer experience than your own.

There was no mention of Shiva in the BKWSU’s theology until sometime after 1949. At the same time, there was no mention of a 100 year Confluence. There were on the other hand, numerous references to earlier predicitions of Destruction during WWII, 1950, 1976, mid 1980s, 2000 and so on. Original documents from the BKWSU are quoted and presented there. It used to be taught that Destruction would take 50 years and creation 50 years. Last year the BKWSU celebrated its 70th Anniversary.

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