More BKWSU Historical Re-writes ... End of the World in 1950!

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More BKWSU Historical Re-writes ... End of the World in 1950!

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

Posted March 26th, 2007

A catalogue of original documents from 1939 to 1949 expose more failed and covered up Brahma Kumaris’ “End of the World” predictions, this time around 1950. Papers also make it clear that the early BKWSU believed that World War II was the final “Destruction” of humanity.

Please note similar 1976 predictions, here, given before Lekhraj Kirpalani’s death and continued as “messages from beyond the grave” via the BKWSU trance medium. Writing in 1949, the BKWSU states of it founder Kirpalani, calling him “God Brahma”;

“World Almightly Authority, Prajapati God Brahma, who has revealed His identity as the well-known Lord Shree Krishna Himself in His next birth in childhood (and Sree Narain after coronation) has re-incarnated in ordinary human form along with His 108 most beloved luckiest Divine Ones, (male and females) whose rosary is worshipped by Bharatvasis like Kalpa ago in Bharat on the banks of Sindhu Saraswati River in the year 1937 AD and has organised the most supreme ‘Rajsuva Asvamedh Avinashi Gyan Yagya’ which lasts for 12 years though the Divine Power of ‘Supreme Aham Brahm Asmi’ Faith.”

“Through the internal, imperishable, SILENCE-POWER of this Supreme Faith has emerged the one original supreme religion or dynasty of Deities. On the other hand, the present final International Atomic War, the invention of SCIENCE, as well as numerous Natural Calamities such as famines, fires, floods, earth-quakes, storms diseases, etc., shall, within a year or so, become the cause of merging innumerable Kali-Yugi eastern and western irreligions or dynasties into Infinite Divine Light like a Kalpa Ago.”
admin says: March 26th, 2007

What the Brahmakumaris want to cover up from its new students, especially those coming in through the channels of Positive Thinking, Peace of Mind or Self Management Leadership courses, is that the organization has maintained a grip on its followers dependent on the threat of a total, imminent and desirable Destruction of humanity. The tool of millenarianism, the fear of the ‘End of the World’, has been evident since its very beginning.

During the 1930s, the Prajapati Brahma-kumaris believed that World War II was the End of the World.

Up to 1949, they were publishing widely that “Destruction” as it is known within the group, was going to happen within one year.

In the late 60s, the End was to happen around 1976, in line with a 100 years of Kirpalani’s alleged birth.

During the 70s and early 80s, Destruction was to take “50 years” and then “50 to 60 years” after the beginning of the movement, alluding to a date somewhere between 1985 and 1996.

In the run up to Year 2000, centers were being instructed to prepare with food and water supplies and followers instructed to remove money from banks.

The organization continues to teach the End of the World but in the West, for the sake of its New Age consumers, this has been publicly re-makerted as a mere “Transformation”. Transformation being defined as the death of 6 Billion people to make way for a Golden Age on Earth with Sri Krishna for the most effort making 900,000 BK followers.

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