God’s Word now an “Internal” Copywrit Document of the BKWSU

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God’s Word now an “Internal” Copywrit Document of the BKWSU

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

Posted February 7th, 2007

The Brahma Kumaris rely on channelled messaged it claims are from God, spoken by the organization’s trance messengers at its Indian headquarters. The spirit is said to have first spoken through its founder medium, businessman Lekhraj Kirpalani. Since his death in 1969, both he and the spirit guide are said to speak through BK Senior Sister Hirday Mohini. These “Murlis” are believed to be God’s message of salvation and to release humanity from its suffering in preparation for an imminent Global “Destruction”.

New revelations arise in the ongoing debacle over the BKWSU Wikipedia article where BKWSU IT Team mouthpiece BK Simon Blandford from London states “Murlis are not thought of as “scriptures” within the BKWSU ... these are internal documents of the organisation“. Demanding that God’s message to humanity may not be used as a reference to clarify BKWSU beliefs, BK Simon went on to repeat that the Murlis “are not verifable by public since they are internal documents“ and not published while removing references to the organization’s failed predictions of Destruction as well.

Simon’s recollection of BKWSU history appears to fail him, as the Murlis were published in book form within the public domain prior to the BK Information Service being established as a seperate business. Permission was granted that they be copied and distrubited freely. In His Murli messages, God Shiva states that humanity, “receives salvation though Knowledge“, “Knowledge is a source of income” and asks BKs, “Sweet children, ask your heart whether you have become fragrant flowers who spread the fragrance of Knowledge“.
admin says: March 30th, 2007 a

The control over the channelled messages the Brahma-kumaris claim is God speaking to them personally through a trance medium at their Indian Headquarters is not limited to restricting access to their followers and refusing public access. Nor do they stop at editing out compromising passages.

Recent trends have exposed the BK leaderships for inistructing their followers internationally that the Murlis already in the public domain, those held by ex-members and ex-Centers-in-Charge, have in some way been tampered with by the breakaway group called the PBKs. Non-specifically, in what to many appears to be an active disinformation campaign, they go on to claim that examples of the Murlis held on this site are not genuine either and discourge their followers from reading it. In India, it has been said even to click on a link leading to such a site causes their followers to loose merit.

The BKWSU has for a number of years been criticize for changing, erasing and removing material from the messages that contradicted their current teachings or practises.

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