One Big Mo’ and the Missing Millions

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One Big Mo’ and the Missing Millions

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted February 4th, 2007

Big Mohini Panjabi: A potential blight on the reputation of heir apparent of the BK world, zone-in-charge BK “Big” Mohini, turns the spotlight onto the inner financial workings of the BKWSU. Following concerned reports received from members of the community in the USA, which raise questions about the Indian experience of being a BK sister, ask yourself, what would you do in this situation?

BK Mohini of NYC, allegedly slated to become top-dog administrator along with Jayanti Kirpalani of London, is known as “Big” Mohini due to her size, dominant reputation and to differentiate her from other elite BKs. Feared amongst some BKs for her authoritarian personality, she is the ShivShakti Army Zone-in-Charge, President of the BKWSU in the Americas - a continent opened up by BK brothers - and in charge of the IT TEAM.

An incident arose when the good intentions and successful serving of a junior BK in the middle of the continent managed to raise a significant gift of sponsorship from a local non-BK Hindu. It is understood that the donation was intended to support the local center, encourage the expansion of peaceworks in the locale, and was in the millions of rupees.

On hearing the news of the gift, the BKWSU machine geared up into action and Big Mo flew in from their headquarters in “Gotham City” to bag the cash for the organization. When it comes to serving humanity, the wings of good wishes might be enough for the BKs. But when it comes to big money, Boeing jets are much better. The check disappeared. The money never returned to the local center. It is understood there was no discussion about what the financial policy was to be. The order had come from on high.

We underline there is no insinuation whatsoever that the spondulicks were taken personally by Senior Sister. However, it illustrates clearly that a small unaccountable group within the organization makes, and takes, all the financial decisions. How it was spent, or where it went, we might never know. Shocking as that might be, it is not the end of the story.

Service at the local center faltered for lack of funding, and left to face the local community and donor (whom Big Mohini handled personally), we understand that this and other incidents lead to a junior BK sister leaving. Action the Seniors put down to the individual’s own spiritual confusion, known as “Maya” in BK terms or demoniac illusion. Shocking as that might be, it is still not the end of the story.

Now as an ex-BK the sister found herself suffering the same symptoms that many BKs experience when they leave with difficulties successfully re-adopting to normal society. The intense mental re-programming of daily studying psychic messages and hypnotic meditation is not something individuals can just “leave” over night. What we are reported is that the Indian sister then suffered the further stigma of being an ex-bride of Shiva. Like a fallen nun to Catholics, her status left within the Indian community left her unable to engage in normal relationships. Unmarriable.

For most BKs, such events are perfectly acceptable. The Senior Sisters, amongst the top 8 or 108 most spiritual souls in the history of humanity, have unquestionable connections with God. Their words and actions are “Shrimat”, or equal to God’s. Any errors that they make are covered for by God Shiva and as such incur no karma for the individual. While the mortgages and running costs are local centers remain in the names and responsibilities of local BKs or their sponsors, we are still hearing reports of centers-in-charge being told they are not bringing in enough money by chief administrators like Janki Kirpalani.

BK Mohini Panjabi is the BKWSU’s Main Representative to the United Nations & Regional Coordinator for North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. A Brahma Kumari for over 42 years, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science from the University of New Delhi, India and a Diploma in Journalism.
admin says: March 1st, 2007

The Power of Realization / The Power of Transformation, a class with Sister Mohini at Peace Village 12/30/06

Sister Mohini said, “Didi used to say, ‘When you get advice from someone, never deny it. Say, I will pay attention to it’. You are causing something. The past can emerge in many different ways. When it does, it interferes in some way and then we are unable to be in the unlimited, and we lose our honesty and truthfulness. To me pass with honor means 100% truth and honesty. What does it mean to pass with honor?”

“Go deeply inside and ask, ‘Am I really being truthful, or am I playing tricks?’. What is pass with honor? That you never get a signal from anyone to suggest you are making a mistake. If you get a signal at anytime, it means there is something for you to pay attention to.“
Deva Says: June 19th, 2007

Was wondering if the charges were ever persued legally? Which center was forced to close after not getting the donation intended for it? Have the BKs ever made comment on this?
admin says: June 20th, 2007

There is no suggestion being made that President Panjabi took the money for her own personal benefit. We cannot doubt that it was taken to be used on behalf of the BKWSU. How it was used, or why it had to be taken from a local center to a main center, we do not know and look forward to an official response in time.

The issues being raised here are three fold,

a) the ambiguous legal nature of the network of BKWSU centers where centers are both autonomous, e.g. requiring self-financing by the local BK followers, and highly centralized e.g. under the ultimate and unquestionable command of Zones-in-Charge such as President Panjabi, both at the same time.

Many centers are independently mortgaged in the name of local BKs, paid for by that BK and local donations and then willed to the central BKWSU body in the case of the BK’s death.

b) the unambiguous financial interest and control of senior BKWSU leaders

c) the unaccountable behavior of the senior sisters in exercising such self-given rights

d) the human cost of such actions to individual BKs.

The center in question was in a central state of the USA.

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