Bisexual Priestess Bankrolls Brahma Kumaris

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Bisexual Priestess Bankrolls Brahma Kumaris

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted January 8th, 2007

Dadi Janki and the Brahma Kumaris are dragged into controversy after the media reveals an association with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Wife Cherie.

Introduced by BeeGee Robin Gibb and his wife, reported to “bankroll” the BKWSU and being seen wearing “diamond” studded Raja Yoga badges, the Blairs recently spent christmas holiday at the £5.2 Million Florida home of the Gibbs and met with BKs.

Referring to Dadi Janki as “an Indian spiritualist accused of wrecking marriages”, the paper quotes Cult experts saying that the Brahma Kumaris encouraged women and widows to donate property and savings to them. Former members told the experts that the Brahma Kumaris had driven wedges between husbands and wives.

Having enjoyed an open sexual relationship with the popstar; erotic artist, part-time druid priestess and bisexual wife Dwina regards Dadi Janki as her guru and is, according to a source close to her, able to consult with Janki about everything.

This is a surprise to many committed BKs and ex-BKs who, suffering personal difficulties with the practises described as “pernicious” or financial exploitation at their center-in-charge’s hands, find it increasing difficult to access the Senior BK Sister’s time.

A University spokesperson was only able to say that such experiences are “very much a minority” and refused to comment on the allegations that it encouraged followers to donate properties and savings.

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