Brahma Kumaris outnumbered by Jedi Knights and Pagans in UK

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Brahma Kumaris outnumbered by Jedi Knights and Pagans in UK

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted December 21st, 2006

The surprise result of a 2001 UK Census recount revealled that ‘Jedi’ is the fourth largest religion in Scotland, with 14,052 Jedis outnumbering BK followers by more than 1,277 to 1. The Jedi Knight religion is based on characters in the science fiction films of ‘Star Wars’ made by George Lucas.
  • Belief Followers
    Jedi 14,052
    Pagan 1,930
    Baha’i 421
    Scientologist 53
    Hare Krishna 25
    Brahma Kumaris 11
Alternatively, in defence of their cultural significance, it should be stated that many BKs believed that the 1982 Steven Spielberg character ‘E.T.’ was inspired by co-administrator “Dadi” Janki Kripalani, pictured above.

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