Children take birth through the power of Yoga

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Re: Children take birth through the power of Yoga

Post by khemkaran » 22 Jun 2015

'Yoga' would lead to 'Chadti Kala' (चढ़ती कला) or Elevation, not 'Girti Kala' (गिरती कला) or Degradation. The word 'Yoga' will not be present in Heaven, because there is no need to 'have Yoga' there. We need to 'have Yoga' here, in Sangamyug, in order to embark on the path of 'Chadti Kala' (चढ़ती कला) or Elevation; but in Heaven, we will be on the path of 'Girti Kala' (गिरती कला) or Degradation.
In Heaven, deities will EXPERIENCE the NATURAL POWER of BEING Satopradhan or Pure (both body and soul).
In other words, in Heaven, deities will be the EMBODIMENT of the 'Gyanbal' & 'Yogbal', or the Power of Knowledge & Power of Remembrance, acquired in Sangamyug or the Confluence Age; and hence can be considered to be 'Gyanswarup' & 'Yogswarup' or the EMBODIMENT of the 'Powers of Knowledge & Remembrance', in Heaven.

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