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[Tech] Time

Post by alladin » 24 Mar 2007

Hi, I noticed that during the last couple of days, time of posts don't seem to follow the GMT and this confuses me as to knowing whether I already read it or not ( according to when I was on the PC last). Is there an operational reason for it? If I understood properly, time shown is always GMT, regardless of the zone one is mailing from, and if it was not so, and it showed the actual time when an individual person posted, it would consequently make it easier to guess where the person is mailing from. I hope I made myself understood. Thanks.

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Post by arjun » 24 Mar 2007

Yes, I have also faced the same problem since many days and wanted to contact the Admin. Sometimes the time displayed on the forum is 5-6 hours behind Indian Standard Time (IST) and sometimes it is just an hour behind IST. I am sure the Admin. must be aware of the problem and looking into it.


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Post by admin » 06 May 2007

By default, the forum displays a simplified date and time to save space.

If you wish to change the way the date, and timezone, is shown for yourself, you can do so in your 'Profile' page.

The default has been set to GMT and "d M Y" - which is (date, month, year).

You can reset this to; "D M d, Y g:i a" which is (day, date, month, year, hours and minutes) as before and save the changes.

Only you will see the date in time in this way after logging in. Instructions are given on how to customise this on the profile page. You can change the time to your local time also.

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