[Policy] New users - Invitation Email

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[Policy] New users - Invitation Email

Post by admin » 13 Oct 2006

New members report problems access the forum and an inability to post.

Before you join your membership must be authorized by a moderator and you must respond to a simple email requesting which usergroup you wish to be a member of, see below. This may take up to 24 hours to process.

There are currently no limitation to which forum individuals can post. Your membership of a usergroup is merely to assist others understanding which point of view you take and the response to our email is technical. Joining requires human intervention in order to block bots, spammers or inappropriate posts.
  • We do not request or require any further person details and individuals should not reveal any such detals to any individual on the forum unless they so wish. No administrator ask you for any.
It may be that this email is stopped or trapped by your spam filter software and so please check. If problems persist, contact the admin email address at the bottom of browser page.

Welcome email
Welcome to the forum.

In order to complete your membership, we need to assign you to the Usergroup or groups that suits you the most ; BK, ex-BK, PBK, non-BK or 'Friends and Family of' etc.

If you can inform us which group best suits you, your membership will be completed straightaway.

If you want to have an avatar logo, you may have. It is a matter of personal choice. If you want one, go to the " Profile " link at the top of the page > look down for " Select Avatar from gallery " > then " Show gallery " and you will see a number of different images and different galleries there to chose form. You can also add a signature here.

Feel free to post. We encourage genuine discussion but a reasonable standard of English is required for membership.

Forum guidelines are published here, please read over them before posting. Your acceptance of membership is acceptance of the guidelines.

Click here; The Guidelines

Thank you!

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