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Double membership

Post by new world » 17 Aug 2008

Dear admin, I just requested you to delete the group membership title 'Vishnu Party' of this account 'new world' which was inactive; but while doing so, you activated that account. Thus, now I've two active accounts 'new world' & 'new knowledge'. Please deactivate this account 'new world' as I wish to post articles only through the account 'new knowledge'.

Again what a strange fact that I can log in the account 'new world' & post articles through that account, but though I can log in 'new knowledge', I cannot post articles through that account. You suggested me to use firefox, but if I can post articles through 'new world' without firefox, then what's problem with 'new knowledge' to post articles without firefox?

Please deactivate 'new world' & help me to solve the problem with 'new knowledge'. Thanks.

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Re: Double membership

Post by admin » 17 Aug 2008

The Vishnu Party group membership will remain as documentation of what the 'new world' point of view was at the time of making the posts.

Your account 'new knowledge' is active and working as far as we can see. The information given to you by email is correct. A few users have noted a small technical problem during logging in and users are advised to delete all previous cookies from their browsers and use Firefox or another Mozilla based browser instead of Internet Explorer.

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