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New forum features

Post by admin » 26 Feb 2008

Draft posts.
a member wrote:There is save button below the message box which is in addition to the 'preview' and 'submit' buttons which were available previously. If we press the 'save' button where will it be saved? Will it be in our personal account on the forum?
Yes, you can prepare drafts of post before posting and save them 'off the forum' where they cannot be read by anyone. Any drafts will be saved until you chose to publish it. This allows you to write longer post form which ever computer you have access from and to check them before publishing.

Go to any forum, click new post, write it, click save and it will be kept in;

User Control Panel > overview > manage drafts

until you want to publish it.

Then to publish;

click load draft > preview or submit.

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