Clarification points on "splinter groups".

DEDICATED to Vishnu Party & all other Splinter Groups, viz., Krishna Party, InAdvance Party, PPPBKs & all others, who believe that they have transcended the BK & PBK theologies.
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Clarification points on "splinter groups".

Post by button slammer » 28 Jun 2007

OK, apologies for quoting Murli at length, but this extract fits the bill nicely. There is mention of Dashrath Patel, Navin Modi and others ...

Video CD No.413, Audio Cassette No.899, dated 03.04.06, Clarification of Murli dated 10.2.67, Faridabad (Haryana)

So Father sits and explains - the ocean of knowledge gives so much knowledge that if you use the ocean as ink and if you use the entire wood of the jungles as a pen, even then it will not be sufficient. The entire wood of the pen would wear out and the entire ocean, which is made the ink, that entire ink would also exhaust, even then the knowledge narrated by Him cannot end. And these small drops which are emerging now, they are proving themselves to be God. What? Are they emerging now or not? (Someone said - they are emerging) And nobody calls himself lesser than Vishnu.

There is a place called Vidhuna near Farrukhabad. Village Vidhuna ... They came and underwent the nine days bhatti at Kampil and after returning to their place they declared - I am the soul of Ram and Sita. My wife is Sita, I am Ram. This role of Ram & Sita, i.e. Vishnu is ours. They prepare a lot of parties and take them to Mount Abu. It is getting a lot of publicity in Agra. (Mataji asked - Where did they undergo the bhatti?) Hm? (Where did they undergo the bhatti?) At Kampil. (Mataji said - Yes, look) Another one also emerged from that only, from that party only, from the party of Vidhuna. Now-a-days the daughter of a big officer has become Brahmakumari at Mathura. So he entered into a Court Marriage with her. After the Court Marriage, he got intoxicated; he got into Narayani intoxication. And he wore a crown, wore yellow clothes, and even now they play jhaanjh, mridang, majeera (musical instruments of India) and the mothers gather there and they take busloads of parties to Mount Abu.

They are also sitting as Lakshmi-Narayan. That is a part of Vishnu. And everyone knows Dashrath Patel in the Advance Party. He proved himself to be Vishnu. How did he prove? When the work of Advance Party was going on in Delhi at Vijayvihar, when the building was being constructed, then a mother emerged in advance (party) from the basic knowledge. What? Sushma mata. She is a mother of six children. And after obtaining the advance knowledge she left her household. Baba never teaches like this. Baba says - live in the household. If you leave your household, then how will you create the temple of Lakshmi-Narayan? So she left her husband. She did not listen to her husband. She did not listen to her family members and start following the advance knowledge vigorously. She became very intoxicated.

What happened subsequently? Every souls is pure (satopradhaan) initially. Then? It also becomes semi-pure (rajopradhaan) and impure (tamopradhaan). Then her intellect got spoilt in such a way that she started interacting and sitting with Dashrath Patel. And one such time came that she went to Ahmedabad and sat as Narayani. Their books are getting printed. At the back of the books, the picture of Jagdamba (World Motehr), Bharat Mata (Mother India) has been printed. The entire group of Advance Party is going there are gathering. (Someone said - I suppose it is not taking place now?) Even now some people are going there. Their children are taking birth even now; someone among them is becoming Krishna.

There is one Navin Modi from Ahmedabad. He is proving himself to be Krishna. He has published his picture also. His face is almost like Krishna only. And crown etc. has been shown in that. He is calling himself Krishna. Then, just now, a party has emerged here at Mumbai. Advance Party had opened a center at Vasai. In that center, the advance knowledge that was given in that center, there were two such souls, who were very close friends of the person who had given the building. The person, who had given the building, was not so clever in knowledge, but he was truthful from his heart. But he was taught such a lesson that he started acting in an opposite manner. It means making enquiries about the Brahmakumaris who were accomodated there, and to issue orders to them. He started telling - Look, Ravindra Bhai lives in his house. He has also given his house. So I will also live in this house only and I will also issue orders. When Baba is not there, I will sit as Baba. Now this is not going to be allowed here. So that building was vacated. And the Guru, who used to teach him lessons, is today sitting as Vishnu. He lifted the entire advance knowledge from there. From where? From Kampil.

Now they started publishing fat books. In that the entire knowledge, all the points are the same. The same points of Advance Party. But they were made fools by twisting their meanings in such a way that people listen a little; in that half of the content is matter of defamation. Defamation means personal defamation. They got ready as Vishnu.

Aurangabad vanished completely from the Advance Party. Half of Ahmadnagar got finished. Now an attack is taking place on Nagpur. The situation of Nagpur is such that the virgins who surrendered in the Advance Party, their parents are threatening that - return our daughters. Otherwise we will file a case in the court. They themselves went and surrendered. Baba says - this is the last paper. When the last paper (i.e. examination) takes place, then will the teacher examine or not? The knowledge that you have heard so far is such a wide knowledge, for which Baba says - make the ocean as ink. And make the jungle as a pen. Even then this knowledge is not going to finish. So, in spite of obtaining such a big knowledge, such a highest knowledge the intellect has become such that - donating the daughter (virgin) and after donating, taking her back and becoming a chandaal (in literal sense it refers to a section of persons beloning to the lowermost caste among Hindus who prepare the funeral pyre).

If someone donates and then takes it back, then what does he become? He becomes a chandaal. Virgin is called a gem. Such a great donation and after doing that spoiling the life of that virgin. The knowledge has fitted into the intellect of that virgin. Now by chance that virgin is a minor. So what is the Government rule? The worldly parents of a minor virgin have rights over her. Even though they have surrendered or written anything, they can take back their daughter whenever they wish. Even if they have got her married. That marriage is also invalid because a daughter aged less than 18 years should not be got married. Those parents can bring back their daughter from wherever they have got her married. And now, now the situation has become like this.

It is not that Vishnus are getting ready only in the central India. Vishnus are getting ready from Ahmedabad to its south in Mumbai. No. One has emerged from Haryana, in Kaithal. He is calling himself Shankarji, Vishnuji. He is married. He is calling himself Krishna. The soul of Jagdamba enters into me. One has emerged in the South India. He is calling himself Vishnu. And his influence has been so great that he has influenced the head, the caretaker of the Advance Party at Hyderabad. Her intellect has been turned completely. However much she is explained, but she does not accept that it is not the role of Vishnu. Just now it is the role of Vishnu in South India.

This is the situation. Such a wide knowledge and the situation of the seekers of knowledge becomes such. Now there cannot be so many Gods. Will there be so many Gods? Why don't you speak? The hidden rostum gets revealed in the end. Had he been a God, then would he have to rub his nose for so many days that the rosary has not been prepared so far. When Dashrath Patel declared himself to be Vishnu first of all, then he said, he declared - we will prepare the rosary within 6 months. The rosary is still being prepared.

One list has been published completely. None of those who became God revealed himself. He sent the entire list of 108. Who are the 12 beads of the Sun Dynasty? Who are the 12 beads of the Moon Dynasty? Who are the 12 beads of the Islam Dynasty? And who are the 12 beads of Aryasamajis? They sent the book itself to the head office at Delhi. It was sent to all the mini-Madhubans. It was sent to other members of the Advance Party also. And the names that have been published, among them many are such greedy ones; they saw that our number has been fixed. That is all, they got intoxicated. They are giving money - get it published. The rosary of 108 has been prepared so easily. There is no effort involved.

(Someone asked - Baba, why are these people breaking the Advance Party only? Why don't they wean away the BKs?) Arey! Again it is same as the Brahmakumaris. They also say - why are you breaking (i.e. weaning away) our Brahmakumar-kumaris only? Hm? Why do you wean away our Brahmakumar-kumaris only? The world is lying open, the world of 500/700 crores; why don't you go there and die? Whatever has happened in the basic, should also take place among the seed-like souls also ...

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Post by john » 29 Jun 2007

Thanks for posting this.

It is very useful to help to start to put a perspective on it all.

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Post by bansy » 05 Jul 2007

Dear button slammer

Thanks for this. It will also be good to have the original Sakar Murli to see how Baba has made points clear.

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Post by fluffy bunny » 05 Jul 2007

Yes, well appreciated.

Its a shame we done have any honest BKs to offer such an open insight as you have done.

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Post by mbbhat » 24 Aug 2012

bansy wrote:Dear button slammer

Thanks for this. It will also be good to have the original Sakar Murli to see how Baba has made points clear.
Is there original or revised Sakar Murli related to these points?

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Re: Clarification points on "splinter groups".

Post by shivsena » 24 Aug 2012

button slammer wrote:OK, apologies for quoting Murli at length, but this extract fits the bill nicely. There is mention of Dashrath Patel, Navin Modi and others
The clarification(criticism) given in the cassette is another proof that Virendra Dev Dixit can never be GOD ShivBaba is only someone who is impersonating God(Vishnu)himself will criticise another soul who is also impersonating GOD(Vishnu)....God never criticises his children by taking names as per the Murli point: (2-8-91)"Bap kabhi bhi kissi ki ninda nahin karte".("Father never ever criticises anyone")

Also God ShivBaba is always soul conscious, HE never sees the bodies(leave alone the bodily names) there is no way that the explanation in cassette is given by God ShivBaba.

The above point should be churned by those PBKs who have accepted Virendra Dev Dixit as personified ShivBaba without any rationale, and should start thinking whether a jismani guru, who criticises other souls, can he ever be personified GOD ??

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