Trimurti Shiva?

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Re: Trimurti Shiva?

Post by shivsena » 07 Nov 2010

ANU wrote:
Dear Shivsena.
Could you please reveal on which Sakar Murlis you rely to churn? I mean what is the source of them. We all know that Sakar Murlis have been falsified a lot. So, which version do you use?
Dear anu.

You can read and churn on any Sakar Murli you can find.
If you can get the original versions ie from 65-69 or earlier versions from 1970 to 1990 then you will get uncut versions, as real cutting of Murlis started from 1990 onwards when AK came in full force.....and in the later revised ones from 1990 till today, even though they have been cut and censored, you will still find many gems of knowledge.

The main crux is to read the Murlis repeatedly 7-8 times as one or two readings are not sufficient to understand them....also to know who is narrating the Murlis and to whom they are being spoken to, and which drama is the Murli describing, is all very important to understand, before one starts interpreting them.


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