This forum began around February 2009

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This forum began around February 2009

Post by bansy » 17 Apr 2009

Please note, especially for all the newer members, that this forum was split from the forum (a forum aimed primarily for supporting ex-BKs). Much of the current data and posts and information is therefore duplicated, a majority of such posts being made by ex-BKs, though prior to around February 2009 (*), BKs and PBKs and other BK-related parties were also allowed posting in the ex-BK forum.

Thus many of the posts and threads, admin policies and guidelines preceding February 2009 that exist on this forum were made by comments and opinions by the admin in and of members prior February 2009. Some of the members may exist in both forums and some may continue to post in both forums, but this division is not clear in either forums.
Though it has been stated that user "admin" of both forums have changed.

So let me clarify the above. This forum was a by-product of a forum created by ex-BKs which was split off from the ex-BK forum to focus on BK and PBK issues. This decision was made by an ex-BK. This forum thus carries with it all the backlog of ex-BK issues. Due to the split off, and the apparent similarities in structure and format style of both forums, it is not understood if this forum is currently owned by the same owner(s) of the ex-BK forum nor is it clarified by the admin of this BK/PBK forum if it is administered by an ex-BK, a BK, a PBK or someone outside these genres.

Thus I am hoping that the "new admin" or "new owner", as from February 2009, would clarify that the above position, and correct any incorrect observations. And as such are the same policies and guidelines (posted prior February 2009) which were adopted by the ex-BK admin of also applicable to this forum and applicable to BKs and PBKs and relevant members discussing BK related Gyan issues now.

For most of the existing members who were split to this forum, it would seem "business as usual" as a continuation of forums, but for newcomers, this forum's ownership and admin representation, aim and objectives, can be confusing.

Summary : Are the and forums mutually exclusive in ownership, adminstration, members, and aims and objectives ?

Thank you.

(*) I do not know the exact date this forum was handed over fom ex-BK admin of to admin of The date of February 2009 has been taken from the fist post in this thread The split of forums was an ongoing "migration" process decided by ex-BK admin in If anyone wishes to research for the accurate date, please do so and correct the date as given above in this thread. Thank you. Please enjoy.

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