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Re: [Admin] Organize yourselves now - How to run this forum

Post by arjun » 15 Jan 2009

Om Shanti.
We all are aware that the BK/PBK forum was not working due to some technical faults since 10th January. I suppose it has been restored by the Admin after a lot of efforts.
This part of the forum was separated from the main forum mainly due the Admin. being unable to devote enough time for regulating/maintaining this forum.

I don't know if the Admin would be able to render any help if such technical problem recurs in future. It is therefore up to the BKs/PBKs, who wish to see this forum clicking, to come forward and help out the Admin in maintaining this forum. Anyone interested in this task can contact the Admin.

Since PBKs may not come forward to help without the directions from Baba, I wish to state that I have already written to Baba in this regard. If any PBK is interested in helping the Admin. they can contact Baba directly and seek his directions.

Anyway, I thank the Admins. for their efforts in restoring this forum with its contents for the benefit of everyone. :D


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Re: [Admin] Organize yourselves now - How to run this forum

Post by brahmakumaris.info » 26 Feb 2009

This is a very short note to address comments or questions that have been drawn to our attention.

The administration of this website and brahmakumaris.info are now entirely separate. No ex-BK is involved in the administration of this website (to our knowlege). There is no connection technically or financially between the two sites.

If the administrators or moderators of this website wish to make themselves public or not, then that is their own business. We respect their wish to remain incognito as "The Knowledge" teaches BK followers to do so.

As stated elsewhere, the decision to split the two forums was based on very simple factors:
  • a) we could no longer afford to manage or maintain the brahmakumaris.info forum at is current rate of growth
    b) given that limitation, we decided to prioritize support for those individuals who are exiting the BKWSU, and the friends and family of BKWSU members, who have been negatively affected by the teachings and practise
    c) whilst some notable individuals were willing to create additional burdens for us, insufficient individuals were willing to come forward and assist in the running of the website
Brahmakumaris.info is published on the basis of copyleft. That means whoever wants to take their own copy of the content and develop it as they wish is free do do so, as long as any resulting copies or adaptations are also bound by the same philosophy. In short, if you are not happy about the way things are, do it yourself, do what you want and do it better if you can.

http://www.bk-pbk.info was given a copy of the complete database of posts and, due to technical issues, was assisted in its set up. It took much longer than estimated to achieve. It is now up to the current management to decide how many of those posts they wish to display and this forum's future direction. If users wish to rebuild other facilities that exist at Brahmakumaris.info, then they are free to do so themselves.

The division happened with our sincere regret and we are very happy that this project is alive and continuing to grow. We believed in and supported the idea of an inclusive, independent and ecumenical discussion forum for much longer than we could, in reality, afford to do so. Unfortunately, without sufficient additional support, it was just impossible to carry on. Sacrifices had to be made. Thankfully, for those that noticed, technical issues with the original sites appears to be now almost entirely resolved and this site is functioning very well.

To end, we would like to say that 'supporting' means more than 'chatting'. We hope that, in the future, this forum will also find 'givers' amongst its 'users' who will dedicate themselves to learning and serving their community through its existence, and continue to develop the existing resources.

This user account will not be monitored. Any offers of assistance and suggestions should be addressed to the forum's administrators.

Thank you.

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Re: [Admin] Organize yourselves now - How to run this forum

Post by andrey » 03 Mar 2009

Dear brother admin,

It is good to see you here. Although it is nice to see your posts, i doubt they will often occur for you seem to be the admin that does not speak a lot but is engaged in technical matters like the practical guy. I must admit at some times i used to like to know more about who and how is running the forum, through more active participation of the admin.

It would be fair if our admin could also post in the brahmakumaris.info, but also if all the members of the brahmakumaris.info, could post without the need of registration, if it is not already so.

I think you are underestimating your work from one hand and expecting too much from us at the other. Because you are doing support in the way you do you could not expect this from any other one. Not everyone is or can be a hero and one cannot be blamed for not being. Whilst you are engaged in technical support, because we are not aware of the amount of work to be done in this we probably cannot value your job as much as we should, or don't realize the need of support as you realize it on the hot spot, on the other side, because you are not engaged in chatting you probably underestimate its value, in your eyes it is just chatting, but also, because you don't know the situation of each one, you don't know why each one did not step forward to support.

We value our contribution and see this, or reading in the forum, dedicating out time and thoughts our form of supporting and giving. It may seem small but this is that creates the community and we also call it building bridges, bringing into discussion important points, provoking our churning, helping our progress etc. After all the forum is meant for the this. Ideas today become reality tomorrow. If we have the ability to interact, something can come out of it. It is a symbiosis. Today we see the opposite situation. People have everything, home, car, computer etc. still they are not happy. What if there used to be forum with no one writing even a word.

Although I know what it is to be in hard times when one needs help, be sure we had not provided support not out of unwillingness, but we had supported you morally. Provided you just told us we could also limit our participation to writing just OK as AvyaktBapDada says.

Anyway this is the work of the admin, he never consults anyone and his decisions are always final.

Now we are all trying to get used to and extract the most of benefit from this new situation.

As we are currently under the flag of the point of light, seems some BK is engaged. I would still like to know who.

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