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What the bleep

Post by aimée » 07 Apr 2007

I am watching a very good programme about quantum physics at the moment, this might be, and it would surely be the way science will prove that this Gyan is real. I have noticed that Bansy has put a comment on the appropriate section, but it seems appropriate just to mention it here, as it is so relevant to the spiritual knowledge, and what Baba (in Virendra Dev Dixit) tells us.

Someone asked: How should we explain the knowledge of soul to the scientific community so that they could develop faith on the Father?

Baba replied: This Godly knowledge is such that at last (i.e. in the end) it would get proved from every point of view that the Godly knowledge alone is true. Astrologers would say that this knowledge alone is true. Those who are scientists would say – No, this Godly knowledge alone is true. Those who are historians would say that this Godly knowledge alone is true. The Godly knowledge would be proved to be true from every point of view. (This is a question-answer given by Arjun)

In this film, they show mind blowing results of quantum research, which is giving the proof that the world around us exists because we as observers make it exist the way it is, and the state of our mind is affecting the world in a very obvious way. As one of the scientists says in this programme, if we consider now ecology as a priority, and we know that we affect very much our planet by the way we are living, at the level of thought it is exactly the same, and the amount of rubbish we have in our mind pollutes the atmosphere. This programme is such an eye opener, everyone should watch it:

What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole, the next evolution

Just by searching What the Bleep in internet, I went easily on the official website, but I think I got the DVD through Amazon, very easily. Everyone should buy it watch it and show it around to every one. It brings back the responsibility to us, to the kind of thoughts we allow ourselves to have, to the reality of positive thinking etc. not just a new-age fashionable hobby…

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