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Post by proy » 27 Feb 2007

Film, stage show, website, and book. Absolutely amazing!I saw this film last night, and I understand there is a book too. It is very funny and full of "co-incidences". As you know I don't believe in co-incidences, so this makes it significant for me. Click the link above for Dave's web site. A "Googlewhack" is something you find by putting two words into the Google search engine and get only one page as a result. That page, and the owner of it, are a Googlewhack. See the rules for Googlewhacking Dave tries to follow the trail of ten Googlewhacks and meet their owners all over the world. It really is an amazing story, and his stage performance is so full of energy you won't need any coffee for a week. The friendliness of people Dave meets in "cyberspace" is heart-warming. I am going to look for the book to get all the details he had to leave out on the recording of the stage show.
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