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Post by andrey » 16 Dec 2006


A weightlifter comes on stage with such enthusiasm - one can be sure he'll lift the weight. Attempt for world record. A matter of effort ... it is a heavy weight ... then it seems like the weight flies and he hangs on it. Why do people has to indulge in such difficult matters? A success. The secret. He used to have lifted this weight before in his practice.

A sportswoman is put on the first number, awarded a medal, the hymn plays and she cries. Why? Because of the hardships.

A gifted gymnastic player plays inspiringly, but the reward is given to someone else. On the reward ceremony the one on the third place - an ex-world champion lifts his hand and shows the public - he is number one. Would the golden medal be better?


The personality of the joker - the only one who can say the truth to the king, but it should be in the form of a joke. He should always be happier then even the king and make him happy too and entertain him with cleverness. This happens when the king degrades.

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