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Post by paulkershaw » 01 Oct 2008

Talking about controversy (and hoping this thread will be OK to post this in), looks like the Southern Hemisphere will the place to be in two weeks time folks. The BK's won't see it anyway, as they don't own television sets so it won't impact on their belief systems at all. Perhaps it will be only for those that can 'see'? I for one am holding my breath in ant - ic -i --- pation. ;)
ET is coming on vacation.

Reminiscent of a bad script from a science-fiction movie, Earthlings are being warned in a bombardment of Internet postings that the aliens are coming. And, their date of arrival is October 14. While sceptics are brushing off the messages as something that will give ufology a bad name, others are saying the messages received by two mediums on opposite ends of the globe are real.

The mediums, Blossom Goodchild, an Australian actress, author and direct-voice medium, and Mike Quinsey, a well-known United States-based medium, say they have been contacted by the galactic Federation of Light who have made it known that they will park their massive space ship over Alabama "in the south of your hemisphere" on October 14, and will remain there for three days.

The visitation to humans has been brought forward from the initially planned End of Days in 2012 because of the damage being caused to the planet by man and the fact that "dark forces" remain in charge. The most recent message was channelled to Mike Quinsey this week from SaLuSa of Sirius on behalf of the federation, which warned that it would not be long before people would get a clear indication of where humanity was going.

Read the full article here:- ET is coming on vacation

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