Food price sky rocketing

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Food price sky rocketing

Post by jaycdp » 24 May 2008

Food price is very high these days. It is very silly when people in India are sick and tired of eating dal for 2000 years and now they like Kentucky Fried Chicken. I could even see some teenagers complaining the price of fast food going high. But it is sad an Indian complaining about food price. Indira Gandhi was a dictator but her 5 year plan, which was original dream of Nehru, was a great success. With the help of 5 year plan and modern technology India not only managed to feed 1 billion people but also started exporting food lately.

When i was growing up in my village, i saw people eating lots of dals, legumes, veggies and fruits. Nowadays, Indians are addicted to meat, fish or fried foods, not to mention the addiction of carbohydrates. My nieces, 6 year old only, like biriyani (Indian fried rice) and ice cream etc. My cousins in America and Canada think pizza is original food. They do not eat Indian food in school because it is a shame when everybody laughs at your food odor and color. They are all 200 pound and keep on eating garbage.

As I mentioned about older people in my village in the past forum. I would like to add the advantage of being a vegetarian is very high. Vegetarian foods can be dried and stored for years. Where as fish or meat needs a freezer or refrigerator. In other words, it is eco-friendly and body-friendly. The only area i do not agree with the BKs is garlic. BKs or PBKs do not eat garlic because ShivBaba told them not to eat it 50 years ago. I have never seen any Murli state not to eat garlic .

When i see some of those fat ladies in the bk, Inc need garlic for sure. Garlic is good for people who lived modern lifestyle and have very high cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential fat our body needs. Many hormones are synthesized from cholesterol, testosterone is one. Cholesterol is also synthesized in body. Modern medicine like statins can reduce cholesterol synthesized in the body. Side effect of statin is very high and there are lots of people who died because of rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is major cause of death due to statin adverse effects. Garlic and fish oil can control 50% of your bad fat synthesize in your body. Along with a good life style sure can lead to better quality of your life. If you are taking statin drug please do not stop taking this drug without your doctors permission. Cardiac myopathy can be observed by your doctor and he can prevent further damage happening to your body. So if your cardiologist recommend statin then sure take it. Garlic and fish pills can help on top of statin.

Any way when i look at the world people are starving because they cannot afford afford meat. A person who is smoking and drinking alcohol will also complains about food price going high. Would he stop smoking or rather control food. This is more like americans driving SUV and complaining about gas price.

Nothing is wrong and nothing is bad. People always like to complain for silly reason. Food price are high and gas prices are high and there are people dying because of food price. I bet even if the food price is high and gas price is high or if you do not supply modern medicine to a country like India. Its population will be keep growing despite all the odds.

Om Shanti

To me, eating meat is like an old man in my village who sells milk to live and in the evening he spend it all on booz. Shame on humanity we are like this old man feeding all the dal to the cow and in the end we are eating the cow.

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