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Re: close the deal and disappear

Post by tinydot » 12 Oct 2007

alladin wrote:Apart from the quality of the product and honesty of the salesmen, which are questionable, what appears evident is that they do not provide "after sales" service or "customer care"! The way business is run in corrupt and underdeveloped countries by people who are short-sighted and cannot think long-term. Acquiring as many clients as possible, losing them and fishing for some more to keep the portfolio fat.
If you are talking about business in general, yes I agree with you. But I would not be biased against third world countries. In my observation, BKs living in a third world countries, except India, are "more honest" (i.e. less corrupt) that those living in the first world countries, like UK and USA.

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Tempted by luxury

Post by alladin » 13 Oct 2007

I agree. I was referring to lack of service and guarantees for customers in poorer countries. It's also true that in such places, BK are possibly safer from temptations of the pomp and show of Maya in the West!! But it's all Kaliyug. It's not that companies or manufacturers are "fair", for instance in the US etc, they just want to avoid trouble of complaints, being sued etc!!

It gave me the creeps, everytime I picked up in a BK instrument that vibration of being impressed by luxury (a contact soul's mansion, a more posh center, etc). It sounded so out of place. As if all of a sudden that supposed to be yogi soul in front of me was fading and a frustrated lady with ambitions for Rolexes and designers' clothes manifested.

Conversely, there are Yogi souls in the BKWSU that function and make things move on the basis of the "unlimited" power of silence, holding Baba's hand and letting Karankarawanhar work through them so door open without begging or manipulation. It's a different world based on different principles and priorities, and different mechanisms which Baba calls " the right method". I still believe in it. Although such community is a small, invisible and powerful one.

Those who get easily impressed by matter, are themselves body-conscious, shallow and don't leave space for Baba to do his job, due to ego I think. So, when temptations come, they are already out of the "canopy of protection" of higher vibes and are vulnerable, just like any agyani soul.

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