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for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Suicide Pact or Accidental Death?
ABC News wrote:Doctor to face manslaughter trial Posted Tue Apr 4, 2006 10:40am AEST

A Wollongong doctor is to stand trial for manslaughter. Wollongong Local Court has found there is enough evidence for Dr Garry Gow to face a jury on a charge of causing the death of his patient, Wayne Neil Ritchie, 53. Mr Ritchie was found dead in his Figtree home in October 2004.

Mr Ritchie's girlfriend, Andrea Sant, told the court she gave him a syringe with 120 milligrams of morphine as prescribed by the doctor the night before his death, as he was in a great deal of pain. Pathologist Dr William John Allender said it was his opinion that dosage of morphine should not have been prescribed outside of a hospital, due to a lack of medical back-up. The trial is due to start in Wollongong District Court on May 15.

Link: Manslaughter Trial
Sidney Morning Herald wrote:'Overdose' doctor walks free October 27, 2006 - 7:23PM

Homeopath and general practitioner who admitted prescribing the wrong type of morphine to a patient who later died of an overdose has been given an 18-month suspended jail term. Retiree Wayne Ritchie suffered chronic back pain for which he could find little medical relief. When his doctor refused to give him the pain killing drug morphine in August 2004, he sought the advice of homeopath and general practitioner Gary Gow.

Gow, a doctor of almost 30 years experience, offered Mr Ritchie homeopathic remedies for his ailments, seeing morphine as a last resort. Eventually bowing to pressure from the 52-year-old patient, Gow prescribed morphine tartrate - a powerful drug designed to be administered gradually, in small doses, to terminally ill cancer patients with severe intractable pain.

Twelve hours after injecting himself with 120mg of the drug at his NSW south coast home on October 3, 2004, Mr Ritchie died of an overdose. Gow, 53, pleaded guilty to manslaughter over the death, admitting he wrongly prescribed morphine tartrate instead of morphine sulphate, and failed to issue any dosage instructions. NSW District Court judge Peter Berman today said Gow had made a "series of serious mistakes with terrible consequences".

"By his plea of guilty Dr Gow accepts that he breached the duty of care which he owed to Mr Ritchie in a way that was so serious that it merited criminal punishment," Judge Berman told the court. "Mr Ritchie would not have died if Dr Gow had done what was required of him." However, Gow was "a man of impeccable character, who is deeply ashamed of his mistake and who recognises the gravity of his error," Judge Berman said.

In suspending the sentence, the judge commended Gow for fully admitting his errors and not attempting to justify them in any way, nor shift the blame to Mr Ritchie, as was "open" to him to do. Judge Berman also criticised the pharmacist for failing to pick up the mistake when filling the prescription.

"That is of course not to excuse Dr Gow's errors but it is to recognise that people, even professional people, make mistakes, and systems are set up to prevent a single mistake having a catastrophic consequence," he said. Judge Berman described Gow as a "caring and compassionate" doctor who was "deeply remorseful" for what he had done, in a period of great stress in his life.

He handed Gow an 18-month suspended jail term, with a non-parole period of 12 months, letting him walk free on the condition he be of good behaviour for the period of his sentence. The doctor offered no comment as he left the court complex accompanied by his wife. Mr Ritchie's partner, Andrea Sant, and other members of his family also declined to speak outside the court.

A spokesman for the NSW Medical Board confirmed Gow was still eligible to practise, but had prescription limitations imposed on him from the date he was charged. The board was investigating and would meet in the coming days to discuss the case, the spokesman said.


Link: Overdose Doctor Walks Free
Australian Health Association wrote:Doctor Given Suspended Sentence Over Morphine Death

A Wollongong doctor who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the Sydney District Court has been given an 18 month suspended sentence for manslaughter. In 2004, 53-year-old Wayne Ritchie went to see Dr Gary Gow, for his chronic back pain. At his third consultation Gow prescribed Mr Ritchie with five ampoules of morphine tartrate. Mr Ritchie died 12 hours after he injected one of the ampoules of the drug into his leg. Judge Peter Berman said Gow made a series of mistakes because he prescribed the wrong kind of morphine and failed to give Mr Ritchie any instructions on how much to take. But he said Gow was a man of impeccable character, whose mistake could have been picked up by others before Mr Ritchie died.

Link: Suspended Sentance

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Not with Raja Yoga. And yet with Raja Yoga you are allowed to go and mess around with individuals minds at equally as deep or even deeper level. At least in traditional guru chela systems you have to stick around for years, may be 7 or more before they will allow you to go out and practise the tradition.
Nietzsche said in 'The Will To Power' that the idea of eternal recurrence is the most difficult of ideas to grasp. Though eternal damnation in the Christian or Muslim sense, I find difficulty with this too.

I wish all the figures could be compared relating to suicide concerning different spiritual groups. This would give a more objective light to this post.



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I am not sure such a thing can be objective ... and what for ... I don't think the idea of this thread is to make a point, just to honour the poor souls who have died in great sorrow.

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mr green wrote:just to honour the poor souls who have died in great sorrow.
People that were used by the organization and would have been called sister or brother.

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