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Re: xBKChat.com

Post by bruv » 01 Jul 2008

Well, in my own experience, the bk always ensure that they are properly registered/invited to attend any interfaith activities that they have participated in. They are also very respectful of other faiths and focus on common spiritual values rather than doctrine debate.

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Re: xBKChat.com

Post by fluffy bunny » 02 Jul 2008

You are comparing the West to India.

All that means is that the Western BKs you know have learned to be highly discreet and secretive in what they are doing but the motivation is the same; evangelising their religion and picking up new recruits. Obviously we have documented how BKs attended public programmes under guise of their many fronts, Values Education, Janki Foundation, Voices of Hope etc. In a sense, PBK are more honest.

What would "properly registered" mean to a free, open to the public mega-programme in India and how does the BK authority extend to public streets outside events? Conversely, does that condone violence? We do not hear of PBKs intimidating, tearing up leaflets and posters of BKs or beating them up. And what have PBKs in the West done to provoke their banishment? Bruv, we have a fairly neurotic and uncool situation going on here that portrays the at least part of the BKWSU for what it is. In this case schizophrenic to the point of violence.

I know that recently in the UK Brahma Kumaris have put a lot of backs up turning up uninvited to the houses of recently deceased Hindus exploiting the opportunity for the sake of evangelising recently. (That service yukti actually comes from the Murli where their Baba tells BK to go to the graveyards and do service). Again, Indians. Let's face it, in general the Indian's can be exceptionally tactless and unsubtle whereas the Western BKs and leadership have had to learn to go in disguise, be 'artful' and adopt a "softly, softly approach" in order not to be ridiculed and excluded themselves. I mean, imagine reading out a Sakar Murli at an interfaith meeting ... or telling some Imam where he was wrong with Muhammed?

Anyway ... we appear to be heading way off topic.

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