Philosophy and psychology of teaching children

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Philosophy and psychology of teaching children

Post by jaycdp » 29 Apr 2008

Dear BKs, ex-BKs and PBKs,

the psychology of teaching small children and developmentally disabled people are based on two key principle;
  • one is a positive reinforcer, and
    two is a negative reinforcer
here a mother will give Ram a cookie when he behave that is an edible positive reinforer. For Seetha, her mom say you are a good girl when you clean the dishes. That is also a positive reinforcer.

A negative reinforcer is for Suresh, he lost his ice cream because he did not help Father doing the groceries. It goes on ...

For Don, his Father keeps a stick and milk bottle and ask him would he like to help mom to bring some milk from the milk lady or not? He has two choices here, go get the milk or face the stick. It goes on in real life, we all undergo one or other type of positive or negative reinforcer. That is called natural reinforcer. Some can learn from natural reinforcer. Some need assistance. Some need stick. Every individual is different.

The same principle applies to all religions. As far as religion is concerned, you program yourself inside with a positive and negative reinforcer and usually you will have a leader or role model. Some times role model is a mullah. Some times role model is a guru such as Sai Baba. Some times role model is a guru but no longer living (dead long time ago) such as Buddha, Muhammed, Jesus etc. Religion is not a bad thing at all. It is a wonderful thing happening to mankind. Being children, we role model others.

Another important thing I would like to add is the environment. For autistics, they like to have an environment that is supportive to their mind set. Autistics have odd way of thinking and odd way of acting. When you expect an autistic to behave like a normal person, autistics will have episodes of violence. Same with schizophrenics, one's environment is a very important part of healing.

Modern geneticists say you may inherit a gene that can protect you from cancer but if you expose yourself to carcinogens, your genes can mutate or your genes can express (called gene expression) in way to create a bad protein or you can, in other words, get cancer. It is applied vice versa too. These kind of study have been done with twins (identical) who has diabetes (double blind study).

So now we see the importance environment in a person from the other dimension. This is why i mentioned in my other post abuse is a pollution to individuals' spirit.

Thank you all and have a good day (some other times i will discuss about influence of family and friends).

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