First Class, Business class or Economy class BK

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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First Class, Business class or Economy class BK

Post by enlightened » 26 Apr 2008

Here's a Dadi Janki class on the above topic.

Dadi Janki - 20th April 2008 – on the phone from Beirut to Global Co-operation House in London

To be a first-class child of Baba means to be eknami and to move ahead with economy. I’m sitting here in Beirut amongst the mountains, meeting and greeting all of you. Since we arrived yesterday evening there has been a wonderful atmosphere of a deep bhatti with a lot of silence. It has been a good opportunity to be in a bhatti myself. This is a bhatti to become first class. Those who are first-class passengers have such a first-class personality; they don’t sit in either business class or economy.

What does it mean to be a flirst-class child of Baba? It means to be eknami, to have the name and remembrance of One and to move ahead with economy. Such souls have, by being real, developed a royalty which makes them truly independent. Masters of matter and able to uplift others, their only support is Baba. Each one should check themselves. What class am I in? If I remain busy in service and this ‘busyness’ is reflected on my face, then I enter the business class. Those in economy class may move forward with economy but they don’t have eknami - remembrance of One. Those who sit in first-class have the awareness of ‘One Baba and none other’ and of being moved by only One Baba.

All Baba’s children are wonderful! I have emerged all the souls in Baba’s family across the world and am asking myself: who are the first-class passengers? Those who travel first class are of similar quality, get similar seating and travel together. They have such royalty; their eyes never wander here and there; they don’t get immersed in anything/anyone or upset about anything. They are worthy souls, who constantly give the proof, are always obedient, faithful and very honest. It is this honesty that enables them to stay under Baba’s canopy of protection. Those who lack honesty constantly have the shadow of Maya’s influence over them, which makes them careless and lazy - lazy in their study and giving excuses while doing service. Some souls even have resentful thoughts that, "I do the service and others get the praise and name." Some may have the internal desire to do more but, because they are suppressed and influenced by others, are unable to move forward by themselves.

Baba gives us mercy and protection through His teachings. We are not just studying and following His directions to become teachers but to become kings of kings. Keep the awareness that ‘whatever I do, others will follow’, and continue to move forward with the feeling that ‘past is past’ and the present is creating an elevated future. Remain up above and do the service of sending down good vibrations to those below.

In Baba’s company the body-conscious arrogance of ‘I’ finishes; experiencing Baba’s support, we become free from attachment. When we keep Shiv Baba in front of us, we become bodiless. When we keep Brahma Baba in front of us and follow his directions, we become loving. And, as we experience both these stages, we become a bead in the rosary of victory. Then there are no doubts about our future, no thoughts of trying to get there but the deep conviction that victory is guaranteed.

Baba says "Don’t give reasons and excuses for anything." Those who give reasons and excuses move backwards and away from Baba’s drishti. Baba’s drishti takes us beyond and enables us to take others beyond too, with just a glance. This is such a simple and easy path. Move forward with truth and love and faith in Baba’s support. This awareness also becomes a protection for everyone else.

Om Shanti

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