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by hanuman
05 Aug 2008
Forum: For BKs - to discuss BK experiences
Topic: MADHUBAN 2008-9
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Re: Madhuban 2008-9

To be honest I don't miss that place. I last visited Madhuban with my girlfriend in 1996. I said Hello to Jayanti and Sudhesh. Sudhesh reacted when she saw me by quickly moving off to another part of the complex. Maybe I shone too much light and goodwill that day! Or it could have been my dress - I ...
by hanuman
05 Aug 2008
Forum: Ex-BK
Topic: Follow the concept
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Re: Follow the concept

It seems that when a leader of a group dies the 'appointed' leaders seem to mislead & misquote the teachings and tailor them to their own egotistical whims and needs. You only have to look at Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc in all their variations to see my point. This has gone on for th...
by hanuman
04 Aug 2008
Forum: Newcomers backup
Topic: Is this the end?
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Re: Is this the end?

Dear Saakash, I decided to leave the BKs whilst I was in Madhuban March 1991. I had been contemplating leaving for a few months. I was frightened to say the least. It was when I was with a group on stage observing and listening to BB speaking through Dadi Gulzar and I remember saying to myself at th...